PS5 Stock UK: Where To Buy Today, Latest Updates And More

PlayStation 5 consoles have been hard to come by since their release in 2020. (Credit: NME)

Sony’s Playstation 5 quickly became one of the most sought after products of 2020, which has inevitably carried on into 2021.

PS5 fans will be hoping to get their hands on their latest creation - with many retailers almost instantly selling out due to the sheer demand.

But despite the stock issues, gaming surged in the UK to a record £7 billion last year with the arrival of a “new console generation,” according to the latest annual market valuation compiled by trade body UKIE.

However, now summer is on the way, new drops are expected to be announced by a number of the large retailers in Britain to cope with the market.

PS5 Stock UK Checker

UPDATE 20th September: Good news for EE customers this morning! They have claimed that they are due to be receiving more PS% consoles in the near future and a registration form can be signed for to get your hands on one!

UPDATE 23rd August: Expected PS5 drop dates and times have been dropped by PS5 Stock UK, who have been incredibly accurate regarding when gamers can get their hands on next-gen consoles, and where.

Here is what they expect to come from each respective retailer - complete with estimated timeframe:

Amazon: 24th-25th (8am-9:30am)
AO: 24th-27th (10am-1pm)
ASDA: 24th-26th (8am-9am)
John Lewis: 24th-26th (7am-8am)
Scan: 27th (1pm-5:30pm)
ShopTo: 29th (10am-6pm)
Very: 24th-25th (9am-11:30am)

UPDATE 16th August: PS5s are now in stock at ShopTo, according to PS5 Stock UK.

Bundles are being offered to gamers who are still yet to get their hands on the latest console.

UPDATE 2nd August: A restock prediction has been placed regarding respective retailers, dates, and times. 

UPDATE 28th July: Amazon are likely to have some restocks either today or tomorrow between the times of 8 am BST until 10 AM. Links are provided in the post from PS5 UK Stock below.

UPDATE 26th July: Several predictions regarding respective UK retailers and their stock release times over the next seven days.

PS5 UK Stock revealed that Amazon, AO, Asda, John Lewis, Scan, ShopTO and Studio are all expected to have consoles available during the timeframes listed below.

UPDATE July 21st: Curry PC World have received a small shipment of approximately 200 PS5s, but are most likely to be reserved for pre-orders only. Despite that, we still believe that it is worth a go trying to get your hands on one!

UPDATE July 14th: DROP ALERT! Amazon have released PS5 stock gamers to get their hands on, thanks to PS5 UK Stock for the reveal. The Disc edition is the one that is currently on the shelves waiting to be bought.

Likely, the Digital version will also be available later on in the day.

So, if you are still without a PS5 - now is your chance!

UPDATE July 13th: John Lewis are the latest retailer to drop new PS5 stock this week and it is going fast. 

Tips have been provided by PS5 UK Stock on Twitter about how to navigate the predictably busy website in case of any technical glitches or crashes.

UPDATE July 12th: As we progress through the summer, more and more drops are starting to become available with various major retailers.

PS5 UK Stock on Twitter has been at it again - providing us with vital information regarding when and where PS5s will be made available.

UPDATE July 7th: GAME are going live with online sales tomorrow, July 8th! The sale will be between 9-11 am.

As for the amount of stock available, it looks like there will be between 7-8k, containing Digital and Disc versions of the PS5. 

UPDATE July 5th: We can expect a fresh batch of stock to drop this week! If you are trying to purchase a PS5 on Amazon, please do the following steps to increase your chances of being successful: 

  • Sign in with your payment information saved and ready to go
  • Add the PS5 console to a new Amazon wishlist when they go live.
  • Make sure to regularly check this page for updates and developments as they happen!

UPDATE 28th June: Stock levels are still incredibly scarce but various retailers will be making drops this week.

According to PS5 Stock UK, Amazon, Argos, AO, StopTo and Studio will all be releasing new consoles for you to purchase. Stick with us and we will provide release times over the coming days.

UPDATE 17th June: PS5 Instant has been at it again - and revealed more juicy gossip regarding a possible drop on the way!

He reported on Twitter that Argos should be receiving a restock on 28th June 2021 "either at 1 am or Monday night."

It might be worth getting yourself set up to next to a laptop or PC to keep an eye on the stock levels before they inevitably diminish.

UPDATE May 24th: While stock levels for PS5 may still be scarce, hope is being offered with consoles expected to be released soon.

PS5 Instant on Twitter revealed that Very are still expected to release a number of machines to the public after being hit with delays due to processing issues.

UPDATE May 18th: Whispers are circulating that Amazon may be the next large retailer to release PS5 stock today. 

According to PS5 UK Stock on Twitter, they will be dropping both digital and disced versions of the next-gen console across the next 24 hours and recommended that those interested should add it to their wishlist.

UPDATE May 17th: This week is rumoured to be a huge one for PS5 stock drops with more retailers getting involved in selling the next-gen console. 

Looking at PS5instant on Twitter, we can expect to see new united from John Lewis, Amazon and Very. 

From May 17-21 between 9am and 1pm, 4000 units will be restocked on Very for customers to purchase. 

Over at John Lewis, also from May 17-21 but an earlier time period of 4am-8am, you can try and grab your hands on a PS5 if you are quick enough. 

The final restock retailer is Amazon; releasing 8000 disc and 24000 digital PS5 consoles from May 17-20. You will have a one hour time slot between 8am-9am to secure your purchase.

UPDATE 12th May: The good news continues to roll in as stock for May, as well as April, continues to roll in. 

PS5 UK Stock told gamers on Twitter that Amazon France and Italy have dropped huge stock levels to customers, which could mean that the UK are about to do the same at 9:30 am.

They added that GAME will also be selling stock at the same time, so get your trigger buttons and devices ready to refresh those websites! Today could be the day you finally get your hands on an elusive PS5.

UPDATE 10th May: The restock week has finally arrived as now is the time that the influx of PS5 consoles will arrive in a number of retailers across the UK. But once again, gamers will have to have lightning-fast reactions to get their hands on one.

Live streams are now live on YouTube which keeps up to date on PS5 stock - and plays a siren when retailers start selling online. This could be a crucial resource for those unfortunate enough not to cop a PS5 at this time.

UPDATE 6th May: Stock continues to make its way onto UK shores after a quiet month for April due to a number of reasons. But it appears that more retailers have been releasing consoles to the public.

PS5 Instant revealed on Twitter that AO released a "small amount" of PS5 stock at 10:19 am on Wednesday morning, which could indicate that it might be a weekly event.

They also stated that GAME will be the best opportunity for players to get their hands on the next-gen console, adding that they have "huge numbers" of stock coming in. Keep your eyes peeled, gamers!

UPDATE 5th May: There is good news for gamers that have still not managed to get their hands on a PS5 as of yet. PS5 UK Stock confirmed on Twitter that Amazon are due to drop a batch of consoles between 10th-17th May.

They added that shipments are starting to arrive at warehouses across the UK.

UPDATE 26th April: Stock continues to be high in demand for Sony's elusive next-gen console. After stock was delayed until May last week, it appears that we have an update regarding an approximate timescale for the arrival of new PS5s in the UK.

PS5 UK Stock revealed on Twitter that GAME and Argos will be receiving stock, with the former getting around 25,000 units. With April's stock delayed, we expect more to arrive on our shores within the coming weeks.

UPDATE 16th April: The month of April continues to be one of the quietest months for the Playstation 5 drops in recent times - and the news gets from bad to worse for those patiently waiting for their opportunity to purchase the new console.

PS5 UK Stock posted a disappointing update on Twitter stating that due to transport issues, all UK PS5 stock has been delayed and no more will be available this month.

But every cloud has a silver lining - adding that stock for both April and May will arrive altogether which means that we can expect a significant amount of drops from all retailers.

UPDATE 15th April: Smyths had been rumoured to receive some stock for several weeks now, although no official announcement was ever made as to when gamers could bag a PS5 of their own.

However, that appears to have changed as an official message came out regarding their stock levels. But unfortunately, it's not good news for those wanting one in April.

As you can see from the image below, Smyths expect stock for the disc version of the next-gen console to be ready for May, while the digital edition still says April. No precise dates have been advised in terms of when they will be getting them in - with gamers constantly on high alert waiting for retail announcements. 

UPDATE 13th April: Two major UK retailers are expected to drop more next-gen stock on the back of the easing of lockdown restrictions in the UK. This means that online-only orders will not be the only way to get a PS5.

According to the latest post by PS5 UK Stock on Twitter, Argos and GAME will have stock for in-store only, adding that consoles have arrived today with more expected to be added tomorrow and Wednesday.

However, the recommendation is 'best to call and check,' which suggests that any stock available is expected to go fast.

UPDATE 8th April: It appears that Smyths are not the only store getting their hands on the new consoles. Online shopping site Very is preparing another drop, according to PS5 UK Stock on Twitter.

They added that they were "overdue" to release more next-gen devices to the public, stating that previous times could be crucial, 9:55 am, 1:12 pm and 1:10 pm.

However, constantly refreshing the website could result in Very's server blocking you from access.

UPDATE 31st March: PS5 UK Stock has been keeping many Sony fans updated on Twitter since the console’s release last November and dropped a huge hint that more will be hitting the shelves as the warmer months edge closer.

They revealed that Smyths Toy Store has a small drop of 2000 units planned for the beginning of April, but did not specify a precise date regarding its release. John Lewis would also be receiving a significant batch in their warehouse for online orders.

GAME and Amazon, two of the more traditional retailers for PS5 sales, will also be receiving a minimum of two big shipments with the promise of one major retailer having the console available per week.

It might be a bit bold at this stage to make such assurances to those struggling to get their hands on the latest Playstation, but it will have people keeping a close eye on the websites of those concerned.

Where can I buy a PS5 from?

You can check stock levels of those respective retailers here:

How much does a PS5 cost?

Smyths has the console priced at £359.99 for the Digital Edition, and £449.99 for the standard. This will inevitably vary and fluctuate over time.

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