Resident Evil 8 Re:Verse: How long can you play the beta for?

Resident Evil Re:Verse

All gaming fans of the very famous franchise Resident Evil are struggling to contain their excitement over the latest game in their series which is coming out in May 2021.

Resident Evil 8 is a direct sequel to Resident Evil 7, which is set to be named Resident Evil Village. You play as fan favourite Ethan Winters and the upcoming survival horror game is the tenth instalment in the Resident Evil series.

There is also a multiplayer pack called Resident Evil Re:Verse which will be arriving soon. It allows players to take control of their favourite series characters and bio weapon villains in head-to-head multiplayer combat scenarios.

And several fans of Resident Evil are desperately awaiting the drop of Re:Verse, the beta mode that will be live for a short time frame.

When is the Resident Evil Re:Verse beta coming out?

Resident Evil Re:Verse looks to be another experimental take on multiplayer for recent Resident Evil titles.

It is easy to see why the beta is bringing so much excitement, and fans will not have long to wait as it is coming out on April 7th.

How long can you play the Resident Evil Re:Verse beta for?

The beta this time will be available for all gamers to play, but if they are wanting to play it, then there is a short timeframe that they will be able to access the beta.

Players will take on the role of characters like Chris Redfield, Claire Redfield, Jill Valentine, or Ada Wong as they attempt to take down the other players.

If you die yourself, you’ll turn into an enemy from the Resident Evil series and have the chance to take out a few more players and, perhaps, get revenge on the player that killed you.

The beta is available from April 7th and ends on April 11th. Resident Evil Re:Verse is the upcoming multiplayer spinoff of the Resident Evil series.

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