Sergio Aguero recalls meeting Lionel Messi for the first time on Argentina duty

Aguero and Messi

Sergio Aguero and Lionel Messi are two of the most talented footballers of their generation. 

Both have toppled records, won numerous trophies and captured imaginations during their storied careers. 

While the two have never played alongside one another at club level, they have established a strong friendship away from the field. 

That Aguero asked Messi to be the godfather of his first-born son, Benjamin, proves just how close they are. 

But when did this budding bromance first start to take shape? 

Well, according to Aguero, it started on Argentina duty when the two players were finding their feet in the game. 

However, despite the fact that Messi had already been bookmarked as the next big thing in football, Aguero didn't recognise him during their first meeting. 

In a video posted on Sky Sports Retro's YouTube channel, Aguero recalls the time when he was introduced to his legendary compatriot for the very first time. 

Manchester City's all-time record goalscorer admitted that he knew of Messi but wasn't aware that he was sat at the table alongside him. 

Aguero's answer was delivered in Spanish, but here's how the subtitles translated his story. 

"We were at a training camp with the national team. I was with the under-16s and he was with the under-17s preparing for the South American under-20s championship.

"We were all staying together, my age group and his age group. I remember there was a kid there that I'd seen on TV who was at Barcelona.

"We were all sat around the table Garay, Leo, Formica and myself. Leo was opposite me and Garay asks him about some trainers.

"Leo says 'I got them from the United States'. So then I start thinking to myself - United States? He was right in front of me, does he play in the US?

"Then I said quietly to him 'what's your name again', and he says 'Leo'. And I said 'No. What's your name?'

"And he said 'Lionel' and laughed. 'And your surname?', 'Messi.'

"The other two looked at me and said 'You don't know who it is?'


"They are laughed and I thought, you're that kid! And it clicked. That's where we first became friends. After that we trained together and I always remember that incident. We then hit it off and got on really well.

"A lot of people might have taken it the wrong way but not him.

"I was called up the under-20s and we started to room together. It was before the 2005 World Cup and we've roomed together ever since."

Aguero's recollection of events is firmly in keeping with the humble persona Messi has exuded throughout much of his career. 

Since then, Messi and Aguero have combined to goal scoring effect 17 times throughout their international careers. 

David Silva, Diego Forlan, Kevin De Bruyne, Raheem Sterling and Yaya Toure - all of whom he played alongside at club level - are the only five players Aguero has combined with on more occasions.

They didn't know it then, but this introduction on international duty marked the beginning of a special relationship both on and off the field. 

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