Watch | See Resident Evil Re:Verse Gameplay Ahead Of Release

Resident Evil 8 Re:Verse open beta will be available from 7th April

Resident Evil is one of the biggest and most successful gaming franchises that has run for almost two-and-a-half decades, and Resident Evil 8 will be aiming for the sky.

Not only will there be a new storyline including the likes of Ethan Winters, Chris Redfield and the famous Lady Dimistrescu, but Campom will also be releasing an all-new multiplayer game to go alongside it when it launches next month called ‘Re:Verse.’

To make things even more exciting for the loyal fans of the horror series, the new version of the game will be available as a beta from 7th April until 11th April as a sneak preview in terms of what players can expect from the new online version of Resident Evil.

A closed beta took place at the beginning of the year for those players that possessed a Capcom ID, which was initially teased and revealed during the Resident Evil Showcase – part of the game’s 25th-anniversary title along with Village.

Re:Verse gameplay

Known as Biohazard in Japan, gameplay footage of the franchise’s latest feature on the PS5 was posted on YouTube by KendoGunSpo Survival Horror, who illustrates what the game mode is about and what the goal is of the six-player multiplayer third-person shooter.

Famous characters in the game such as Leon, Ada, Jill Hunk and Chris are available to control with each character having their own unique perks and abilities, with differing survivability rates, skill and weapon power.

When players are taken out, they will spawn back in as a Bioweapon (zombie) from over the years. Nemesis, Jack Baker, Super Tyrant and even the mutated frog are available.

It appears to have an arcade-like appearance to the gameplay, with ammo loot boxes and powerups scattered across the map.

When is Resident Evil 8’s release date?

That being said, these features are not guaranteed to appear when the game officially releases on 7th May. But Capcom will be using these four days to take on crucial feedback to improve the gaming experience for players.

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