Everton manager Carlo Ancelotti discusses European Super League

Everton coach Carlo Ancelotti

Everton manager Carlo Ancelotti has confirmed that he is against the proposed European Super League, as reported by The Athletic.

What has Carlo Ancelotti said about a European Super League?

The Italian coach explained that he is happy with the current Champions League format, and has concerns that the European Super League could see the gap widen between Europe’s elite clubs and the other teams in their respective divisions.

He said: “It is clear that if the national competitions lose interest and entertainment, then the concept of a Super League attracts more power. For a supporter, if it got to the stage that Everton could not hope to beat Manchester City, then I am not going to watch. I would prefer to watch Manchester City against Barcelona because it would be more entertaining.

“But for me, the Super League cannot happen. We have the Champions League. It’s enough, right? The Champions League pits the best against the best already. But the future of football must value the national competitions more. The schedule is really tough as it is. The players never rest.”

Why does Carlo Ancelotti’s opinion on a European Super League matter?

Ancelotti’s words have value given his status in the game. The 61-year-old has won the Champions League on three occasions as a coach with AC Milan and Real Madrid. He has also managed in the competition with high-profile clubs such as Bayern Munich, PSG and Chelsea.

In other words, few people in world football have a better understanding of life at top clubs than him. 

Are there plans for a European Super League?

As things stand, it seems that the European Super League will not be formed any time soon.

The initial plan was for the league to start in 2022/23, with the competition including 18 of Europe’s top teams.

However, clubs and players have been threatened with bans by FIFA if they join the European Super League.

Instead, it appears that UEFA are set to revamp the Champions League. Proposed changes are set to be discussed on April 19, which could see the tournament take on a new format from 2024 onwards.

Would Everton be part of a European Super League?

In a word – no. The Premier League would be given five places in the competition, with Manchester United and Liverpool guaranteed their spots.

Manchester City, Chelsea, Tottenham and Arsenal would then battle it out for the remaining three berths.

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Who is this former Everton player?

Would a European Super League be a good or bad thing for football?

It might be good for the teams involved, but it is certainly a bad thing for the sport.

The top clubs would receive huge financial rewards, and would be likely to pull even further clear of the chasing pack.

Football fans love an underdog story, such as Brian Clough’s Derby and Nottingham Forest teams who won domestic and European silverware in the 1970s and 80s. More recently, Leicester made a mockery of the odds to win the Premier League in 2015/16.

However, if the European Super League goes ahead, these kinds of stories are less likely to occur as clubs will not be able to keep up with the European giants financially. 

That would be a massive shame, and is not the direction that football should be heading towards.

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