Jon Jones' UFC PPV numbers revealed after he asks for Conor McGregor-style pay rise


There can be no doubting that Jon Jones is one of the biggest names in the UFC.

Over the course of a controversial career, ‘Bones’ has built himself quite a reputation across a number of weight classes.

Now, the former long-reigning light-heavyweight champion is on a mission to earn the pay rise he feels he deserves as talk of a massive bout with Francis Ngannou gathers pace.

Getting that raise, however, could be a difficult task for Jones, with many questioning his ‘draw’ and ability to sell pay-per-views.

Well he is almost certainly one of the best fighters to grace the Octagon, the question remains as to whether his status is enough to get fans dipping into their pockets to see him fight.

The UFC is a notoriously tight-run thing, with president Dana White always putting the needs of the organisation first.


However, Jones’ recent tirade against the organisation is yet to relent as he tweeted:

“Everyone knows fighters don’t make anything close to what they actually bring in when they fight.

“I really don’t see what the big deal is paying your main event for one of the biggest possible fights ever. It’s not like I’ll be asking for my actual fair share.”

So, with that in mind, with the help of Tapology, we thought we would take a look at the PPV numbers Jones has raked in throughout his UFC career.


UFC 247 – Jones vs Reyes: Numbers not released
UFC 239 – Jones vs Santos: Numbers not released
UFC 235 – Jones vs Smith: 650,000
UFC 232 – Jones vs Gustafsson II: 700,000
UFC 214 – Jones vs Cormier II: 860,000
UFC 197 – Jones vs St Preux: 322,000
UFC 182 – Jones vs Cormier I: 800,000
UFC 172 – Jones vs Teixeira: 350,000
UFC 165 – Jones vs Gustafsson I: 310,000
UFC 159 – Jones vs Sonnen: 530,000
UFC 152 – Jones vs Belfort: 450,000
UFC 145 – Jones vs Evans: 700,000
UFC 140 – Jones vs Machida: 485,000
UFC 135 – Jones vs Rampage: 520,000
UFC 128 – Jones vs Shogun: 445,000

Total buys: 7,122,000. Average buys: 547,846

Considering the fact that Jones’ most recent numbers weren’t released, an average of 547,846 is a more than decent return.

Even with those numbers, there is still a lingering doubt as to whether he is really worth the sort of money of a Conor McGregor or Khabib Nurmagomedov.

His running battle with the UFC still has a ways to go, but if all parties can be satisfied, then we will a titanic heavyweight battle to look forward to.

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