Floyd Mayweather's boxing intelligence highlighted in viral clip


Sometimes when you look at an athlete’s technique too many times it can either look really simple or inhumanely impossible.

If you watch enough Lionel Messi videos it can be easy to think that all he does is kick the ball really hard and it goes into the net.

Other times you can watch a golfer laser guide the ball into a hole from distance and instantly assume that they must be cheating.

But, as any professional sportsperson at the top of their game will tell you, there is a lot more to it than that.

We sometimes get lost in the weird simplicity or magic of sporting technique and try to break it down and poke holes in it.

The same thing happened on Twitter the other day to legendary boxer Floyd Mayweather.

A video uploaded by b0xingfan shows how Mayweather used the exact same technique in rounds 8 and 10 against opponent Ricky Hatton.

The hook to the face simply dazed Hatton in round 8, but sent him down to the floor in round 10.

The fact that Mayweather had used the exact same punch twice, but received completely different outcomes, sparked a huge debate on Twitter.

Some were quick to suggest that the fight was fixed or staged, and someone else accused Mayweather of being ‘the most boring big-name fighter to watch ever.’

Despite the backlash, most seemed in awe of Mayweather’s intelligence.

"Man had a plan," one Twitter user replied, while another referred to the boxer’s technique as "the perfect example of check hook."


The love for Mayweather and his boxing brain was perfectly summed up in a reply by Twitter user @c_indifferent, who commented: “A masterclass in the sweet science from Floyd. Love him or hate him you cannot deny his ring craft.”

Admiration for Mayweather’s boxing intelligence is nothing new.

Commentators and fans alike have always complimented the American boxer on how he seems to figure opponents out inside the ring and then adjust his fight in order to win.

In a fight against Shane Mosley, Mayweather is credited with quickly realising how to avoid the right-hand punches that Mosley was landing and went on to win the fight.


The same can be said for his bout with Zab Judah. Floyd figured out that Judah was coming inside and caught him out. Even after Judah changed his approach, Mayweather adjusted and won the fight.

Sport will always be a heavily debated topic, and social media will only fan those flames.

People will always find reasons to downplay someone’s ability or even call into question their ethics. One thing we can be sure of is that some athletes just make their jobs look way too easy!

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