Roman Reigns' excuse to deny 'tapping out' to Daniel Bryan proves he's a top WWE heel

Reigns has brilliantly explained 'tapping out' at WWE Fastlane

Roman Reigns will headline WrestleMania 37 on Sunday, April 11.

'The Tribal Chief' will defend his Universal Championship in a Triple Threat on the grandest stage of all, against Edge and Daniel Bryan. 

Although it was originally supposed to be a singles match between Roman and The Rated-R Superstar, DB has forced his way into the bout, continuing an epic storyline that's been bubbling for weeks. 

At Fastlane, Bryan got his shot at the Universal Title and it's fair to say that match ended in chaos. 

After the referee and special enforcer Edge were knocked down, 'The Leader of the Yes! Movement' appeared to make Reigns tap out in the middle of the ring.

However, no official was there to see it and The Rated-R Superstar then battered DB with a chair, allowing Roman to cover for the pin. 

Talk about controversy. While it appeared to the world that Reigns did indeed tap, the man himself has since been denying it.  

Reigns tapped against Bryan at WWE Fastlane

In fact, the excuse he gave for 'tapping' during a recent interview with Ariel Helwani proves just how good Roman is at this 'heel' character business. 

"I was out there hitting Morse Code to Paul [Heyman]. He had my mouth covered. We're so in tune. I was Morse Coding him, telling him to fire up the jet," Reigns said, explaining his Fastlane actions. 

"I was like 'Tell Charlie to turn the bus on. Slide in. We're going to the FBO'. That wasn't a tap. You're from the MMA. You can hear a tap. That wasn't a tap."

You can watch Reigns' explanation at 17:30 in the video below: 

That, right there, truly is some brilliant heel work. There's no one on the WWE roster at Roman's level right now.

All he was doing at Fastlane was telling Paul not to be worried in Morse Code! How did we all miss that?! 

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