FIFA 21: Metacritic score is still an abysmal 0.8


According to the 62 critic reviews of FIFA 21 on Metacritic, the game is an average to slightly above average gaming experience with a passable score of 72.

According to the 1,861 user reviews, however, it is simply one of the worst things in the history of humanity with a whoppingly low score of 0.8.

A major criticism of EA’s latest footie effort centred on its eery, clone-like similarities to FIFA 20.

“Same game as FIFA 20, and when I say same game, I mean the same **** garbage.”

“Same game as FIFA 20 and FIFA 19,18,17. EA Sports don’t care about your players.”

“There is absolutely no difference from FIFA 20 or 19 apart from new kits, updated rosters you’d expect each year and somehow an even worse soundtrack than its predecessor.”

Additional trouble was found in the oh-so-few differences this game had to its predecessors in regards to the Career Mode.


“I bought the game hoping that the Career Mode changes made it more interesting offline, but this new feature made the game an unuseful hybrid between Football Manager and the old FIFA.”

The FIFA series has been steadily drawing more ire with every passing year due its perceived laziness and declining gameplay quality. Sadly for EA, it appears last year’s release may just be the final straw for its former fans. 

Despite the promise of being “the most intelligent FIFA gameplay to date,” the game has prompted furious players to demand refunds and review bomb it harder than controversial games such as The Last Of Us II last year. 

This much anger in a fandom hasn’t really been seen since The Rise of Skywalker left cinema-goers scratching their heads in late 2019. 


On the bright side, Pro Evolution Soccer’s sales will likely be going up moving forwards…

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