Neymar drama: Tunnel footage shows PSG star clashing with Tiago Djaló after Lille loss

  • Kobe Tong

Neymar picked up his latest red card for Paris Saint-Germain on Saturday evening.

The Brazilian superstar has amassed a long list of controversies since swapping Barcelona for the French capital in the most expensive deal in football history in 2017.

And frustratingly for the Parc des Prince faithful, many of those moments have surrounded red cards with Neymar have picked up three dismissals since the beginning of 2020 alone.

Neymar vs Lille

However, his latest red card was one of the most avoidable as the 29-year-old became embroiled in the pettiest of clashes with Lille defender Tiago Djaló.

To make things worse, PSG were trailing 1-0 to their Ligue 1 title rivals at the time, so Neymar's second yellow card of the evening dealt a massive blow to their hopes of securing an equaliser.

The former Barcelona star had gained possession on the left wing, only to crash to the turf under contact from Djaló, before losing his temper once the Lille defender shielded the ball from him.


Double red card

And despite having previously been cautioned during the game, Neymar brainlessly decided to push Djaló, giving the referee no choice but to send him packing with a second yellow card.

However, the clash between Neymar and Djaló didn't end with the referee's intervention because TV broadcasts showed that the PSG and Lille stars were still angry with each other in the tunnel.

In the end, Djaló was also sent off for his role in the red card incident and was seen exiting the pitch alongside Neymar when tensions once again flared.


Tunnel footage emerges

The astonishing footage, which looks like something out of WWE, then proceeds to show tensions rising in the tunnel once Neymar touched Djaló, prompting staff to try and keep the players apart.

However, to tell you the truth, the footage has to be seen to be fully appreciated, so be sure to check out Neymar and Djaló exchanges blows behind the scenes down below:

Now, obviously, we don't know what was said between the two Ligue 1 stars, so it's too early to draw any major conclusions about the incident other than the petulant push that started it all.

Another suspension for Neymar

However, it goes without saying that Neymar and Djaló taking their dirty laundry into the bowels of the Parc des Princes won't exactly help their cases when suspensions are being dished out.

And when we consider that Neymar has missed countless games through suspensions and injuries during his time in Paris, there would be a painful inevitability about him picking up another ban.


There's no denying that Neymar is one of the best players in the world, but there's equally no getting away from the fact that he can lose his head once the red mist descends.

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