Anthony Joshua vs Francis Ngannou UFC 4 simulation ends in big knockout


Francis Ngannou cemented his status as one of the scariest men on the planet last weekend when he wrecked Stipe Miocic to claim the UFC heavyweight title in dominant fashion.

Ngannou's unique combination of size and power means he presents a massive challenge to anyone looking to relieve him of his newly-won gold inside the Octagon.

However, the man known as 'The Predator' surprised many when he revealed that he intends to transition from MMA to boxing in the future - and challenge either Tyson Fury or Anthony Joshua for heavyweight supremacy in a second sport.

"This is in the future, it’s somewhere, definitely," said Ngannou of a meeting with either Fury or Joshua, per talkSPORT.

"I’m going to box. I have to box in my career," insisted the 34-year-old Cameroonian.

"My main dream has always been the noble art and even though I deviated into MMA, which I love, I still have to fulfil something in boxing".

While any boxing debut for Ngannou might be some way in the future, fans have already been treated to a virtual glimpse of how a showdown between Ngannou and 'AJ' would look.

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Joshua (as well as Fury) is included as an unlockable character in EA Sports' UFC 4 video game. Naturally, the game also features Ngannou - and YouTube channel Boxing Fight Simulations has taken the opportunity to play out a bout between Joshua and the UFC heavyweight kingpin.

Just hearing Jon Anik announce the names of the participants in the build-up to the fight is surreal, as is the face-off between the two men before the action gets underway.

Ngannou is known for finishing fights quickly, but does not manage to put Joshua away during a relatively even first round.

However, in the final seconds of the second round, Ngannou lives up to his reputation, putting Joshua to sleep with one devasting shot.

Being that the simulation took place on a UFC game, it is not necessarily a shock to see Ngannou take the victory. Whether we see Ngannou inside a real-life boxing ring opposite Joshua remains to be seen.

Given all his success, it is incredible to think that Ngannou considers his career in MMA to be something of a happy accident. If Ngannou is as motivated to box as he appears to be, then the results of a crossover could be sensational.

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