Burnley: Sean Dyche's no-nonsense take on high performance

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Burnley boss Sean Dyche

Sean Dyche does not seem to care that he may not get the acclaim that his fellow managers receive.

Whilst the likes of Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp attract much of the media's attention, Dyche goes about his job at Burnley with minimal fuss.

And what a job he has done. The 49-year-old has spent his last nine years at Turf Moor, earning two promotions and suffering one relegation during that period.

He is currently the longest-serving manager in the top-flight, and has shown that he is here to stay.

Last year, he sat down to discuss his career so far with Jake Humphrey and Damian Hughes on the High Performance Podcast.

Here are the three takeaways from Dyche's interview...

Have a great attitude

Dyche mentions this on a number of occasions during the episode. It is clear that he simply won't accept anything less than everyone giving their all.

Explaining why he has this mindset, Dyche claimed that it is a principle that was drummed into him as soon as he started playing the game.

He said: "The first club I ever played for, the coach there, I'm not saying he's an amazing coach, but he said a great attitude's everything. And it just stuck with me all my life.

"If you've got people around who've got a great attitude towards whatever it is, whatever goal you intend to try and achieve, if they've got a great attitude towards it, that's a great start."

Stay humble

The Burnley boss demands that his player stay humble so that they can build a sense of togetherness.

This means when they arrive at the training ground every day, they leave their egos behind.

Dyche said on the podcast: "When you're in here, we build a one team mentality and a one club mentality. 

"You've got to have an ego to walk in front of 78,000 at Old Trafford. You've got to have a certain kind of ego, but there's got to be a certain side to that ego. 

"So we had players who, we used to do dance-offs, sing-offs and everything. And it makes people uncomfortable. But once they realise, 'actually these are laughing with me, they're not laughing at me', then their ego goes off from them.

Sean Dyche

Be honest

When breaking down the key to high performance, Dyche claimed that honesty was vital. 

Confirming what he meant by this, he added: "Be honest with yourself, starts with yourself. Just tell yourself the truth.

"Take away your ego, sometimes just think, 'no, hang on a minute,' because your self-talk is really important. And be honest with others.

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