Triple H says AJ Styles is pestering him for WrestleMania match & refuses to rule it out

Styles wants a match with Triple H in WWE

Triple H has revealed that AJ Styles has been regularly 'pestering' him for a match in WWE.

The Phenomenal One has faced his fair share of Hall of Famers since arriving in the company, including The Undertaker at WrestleMania 36. 

But he still has his eyes on one more legend - The Game. 

Ahead of this year's Show of Shows, Triple H revealed that AJ has been pushing for that match - but despite not fully ruling it out just yet, HHH explained why he's had to turn it down for now.  

"He pestered with me every time I saw him! He would ask me about it and ask me about my schedule and as we got closer," he told talkSPORT on a conference call.

"Man, I’ve said this before, getting ready for WrestleMania is a different thing. And the older you get, the harder it gets.

"Doing this once a year or once every couple of years, especially now, is not an easy task. 

Triple H struggles to get into WrestleMania shape these days

"You try to stay in the best shape you can, but that’s not ‘WrestleMania shape’, and it’s a different thing." 

The Game also revealed that he hasn't explicitly told Styles 'no' yet and he would love the match - if the situation is right.

"When he first came to me, I said, 'AJ, I’m not going to tell you no. Personally, I’d love to work with you and at this point, you can carry me to something.' So, I’d love it. 

AJ Styles and HHH could clash in WWE one day

"The personal side of it, the performer side of it, I would love nothing more, but the reality is - I’m not going to have the bandwidth or availability schedule-wise to be able to pull that off.

“He would come to me every week or every other week when I would see him and say, 'How’s that bandwidth coming? You going to be able to make this happen?' I’d say I’m not, but I’m flattered by that - I really am - and I’m humbled by it.

"I wish I had the bandwidth to do it, and I’m not saying I won’t be able to do it in the coming year if it’s right and everyone believes it should be done." 

Triple H has taken a backseat to in-ring action recently

Don't tease us - and AJ - like that, Triple H! Make it happen!

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