Man Utd, Liverpool, Arsenal: Every 2021/22 Premier League kit leaked so far

  • Kobe Tong

It's the time of year where 2021/22 kits are gradually being leaked.

Premier League fans are sat at home safe in the knowledge that the fashion items that their beloved teams will be sporting next season are just a few months away from being unveiled.

I don't know about you, but the standard of football jerseys seems to have skyrocketed in recent seasons, so my anticipation for the latest set of designs is exciting for everything but my wallet.

2021/22 jerseys

And I'm not going to lie to you, dear readers, the batch of 2021/22 jerseys that have been leaked hitherto suggest that my bank balance could be taking an absolute pounding in the summer.

But it's because of the kit gurus at Footy Headlines that I can prepare my accounts ahead of time because they are the best in business when it comes to inside information on the latest designs.

I'm sure you've caught some of the majestic - and less majestic - releases set to hit the shelves this summer already, but we've decided to treat you all and put each of them in one place.


Premier League leaks

Today, we're starting with the Premier League and all of the 2021/22 leaks on the Footy Headlines website at the time of writing with Arsenal, Manchester United and Liverpool all featuring.

So, what are you waiting for? Get all the juicy gossip ahead of time by checking out the leaks below:



Adidas are set to return to a light red for their third season pulling the strings in north London, switching the trademark three stripes to a shade of navy that also features on the collar and sleeves.



It's away with the post-2002 Arsenal badge and in with a classic Gunners cannon as Adidas embraces the club's long history of yellow away strips, but with a more subtle and refined approach.



There's no two ways about it: this is on course to be the best kit in the Premier League. Adidas are poised to knock it out of the park with a stunning tribute to Arsenal's 'blue lightning' strips of the 1990s.




Is it just me or do Chelsea home kits always seem like an impossible mission? Either way, I don't think I'm alone in thinking that Nike's latest effort has far too much, well, everything going on.



As for the away kit, Blues fans will be keeping their fingers crossed that Nike opts for a more measured design with only the colour scheme - 'Opti Yellow' and black - currently known.



Holy moly... ok, so it's worth noting that FootyHeadlines aren't 100% sure about Nike's plans here, but it seems as though a wild texture pattern is in the works and it's bound to be divisive.




I'm sorry, but why didn't Adidas whip out this beauty for the Cottagers' return to the Premier League? Surely I'm not alone in thinking this gorgeous release looks ten times better than their 2020/21 strip.


Leeds United


After playing it safe for Leeds' Premier League comeback, Adidas are set to follow it up by, erm, playing it safe all over again. The only real difference is the accent colour switching from blue to gold.



However, Adidas were clearly given a little more artistic freedom when it comes to the alternate jerseys and you could see plenty of purple hues in the Elland Road stands next season.


Leicester City


Light mint blue is the 'soup of the day' at the King Power Stadium next season in a bold design that only the Foxes could pull off - and one that's smartened up by some inspired chequered texturing.




It might not be universally loved, but I'm backing it as another lovely release from Nike, keeping it simple while also adding a few new design touches like a different shade of red on the collar and sleeves.



As much as leaked images of this kit have bled onto Twitter, FootyHeadlines aren't getting too ahead of themselves, but there's no denying that Liverpool's throwback strip could be an absolute beauty.



Similarly, there's not too much information on Liverpool's third jersey at present. However, there's a lot to like about Nike's colour choices - chrome yellow and rush red - alongside their retro logo.


Manchester City

Home, away and third

After some weird and wacky design choices in 2020/21, we're sad to report that Puma's plotting for next season is largely under wraps, but you can use your imagination with their leaked colour choices.

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Manchester United


I'm going to ignore the fact that United's new sponsor could barf on all of their 2021/21 jerseys because, other than that, their retro-looking home shirt ticks our boxes for smartness and originality.



We love it, you love it, I love it, Adidas love it, United love it, your friends love it. Gosh, even your cat probably loves it. It's an inspired blast from the past that even a dodgy logo can't sideswipe.



All that being said, the early signs of yet another 1990s rehash aren't looking so good for United's third strip. It would be gutting to see Adidas bungle one of the greatest Red Devils jerseys of all time.


Tottenham Hotspur


Look, there's only so much you can do with a club or country that sports an all-white home jersey, so there's not a lot to say here other than Nike look to have made it pretty clean and smart.



Another case of only the colour scheme having been leaked, sure, but you can only ever go so far wrong with a black away jersey and similar designs have worked well in the past for Spurs.



However, Nike couldn't resist pushing the boat out with at least one of their designs and there are whispers that a unique 'N17' logo could adorn the 'wild berry' colour scheme that screams 2011/12.


What a feast for the eyes.

From Chelsea's psychedelic home kit to Arsenal's stunning third jersey, it's fair to say the year's new releases are going to keep fans entertained and we can't wait for the latest leaks to emerge.

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