The Masters 2021: Bryson DeChambeau swing on driving range


Love him or hate him, Bryson DeChambeau is going to be making the headlines this week for one reason or another.

Although The Masters doesn’t fully start until tomorrow (Thursday 8), the American is already sending shockwaves around golf after his appearance on the driving range earlier in the week.

DeChambeau’s ability to render golf fans across the globe speechless and breathless has never been in question, but even by his own standards, he has gone a step further this time around, and boy does it make for mesmerising viewing.

If you were to rewind to The 2020 Masters, however, the tournament did not quite pan out as the 27-year old would have hoped for, but, if his training drill on Monday is anything to go by, then Augusta International will be set alight by the sheer brilliance of the American superstar.

We all know by now, Bryson is a magician on the tee box, and this latest video clip that is going viral shows us exactly why he’s remarkable with the big clubs in his hand.

In one of his speed-training drills a couple days back, DeChambeau had a surprise spectator in Vijay Singh, the 2000 Masters Champion, and he was like every single one of us; simply smiling along with what he was watching.

DeChambeau whacked four sensational drives in the space of 40 seconds, which didn’t merely have Singh stuck to his place, but also laughing at one point of time at what he had seen, such was the genius of the 2020 US Open winner.

“There’s not a lot of talking going on,” said the Golf Channel’s Mark Rolfing during the broadcast.

“He hit more balls in the last minute than Fred Couples did in the last hour out there. All Freddie did was basically wander around and talk to people.”

An impressed Cara Banks added: “It’s exhausting to watch.”

Vijay Singh is indeed all of us watching DeChambeau train. To be honest, that entire one-minute span was so satisfying and jaw-jutting that a good few of us could watch it on loop and never be tired of it.

DeChambeau is also planning to unleash his new driver, the latest Cobra RadSpeed driver, and by his own admission, there are “some tremendous benefits to it.”


“Definitely what I’ve seen on the driving range and what I’ve seen the last week in practice, there’s some tremendous benefits to it,” he told at the Augusta National on Tuesday.

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