Jude Bellingham goal: Carragher and Richards have heated argument over controversial decision


English football fans have seen plenty of controversial VAR decisions in the Premier League in the last two years.

However, the call to disallow Jude Bellingham’s goal for Borussia Dortmund against Manchester City on Tuesday night might be the worst of the lot. If only it was a VAR decision…

The Dortmund midfielder stole the ball off Ederson’s toe and rolled the ball into the back of the net to seemingly equalise for his side.

However, referee Ovidiu Hategan inexplicably blew for a foul before Bellingham tapped it in.

It meant that the decision couldn’t be reviewed by VAR.

If the Romanian official had waited a few seconds until after Bellingham had scored, it would have been able to be looked at by VAR and they probably would have allowed the goal.

While pretty much everyone is in agreement that the goal should have been allowed, pundits Jamie Carragher and Micah Richards disagreed on the actions of the referee.

Appearing on the CBS Champions League show, the two former defenders were involved in a heated argument over what HaČ›egan should have done.


"We're talking about VAR and how we're spoiling the game because we're taking away from the referee managing the game..." Richards began.

But an angry Carragher then accused Richards of being biased towards his former club before embarking on a rant.

"I know why you didn't want VAR tonight, Jesus Christ! It should be 2-2," Carragher interjected.


"That's nonsense. It's a unique situation, it's not normal, that doesn't happen often," Carragher continued.

"How can you not understand this? This is the most bizarre thing I've ever heard. Right, he goes through and thinks it's a foul, not a problem... but he knows if he blows that whistle it takes VAR out of the equation... yes?

"We all know what's going to happen. He will roll the ball in the net and then we can have a look

"Do you think tonight when he goes back into the room, the people at UEFA or FIFA looking at his performance will say 'he got that right'?" Carragher concluded.

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Who's this cheeky chappy?

Richards did eventually agree that the decision was incorrect - although continued to claim that it’s the referee’s job to referee the game and not rely on VAR.

Presenter Kate Abdo eventually had to break up the argument, adding "men love to argue, don't they?"

Two heated arguments in the space of 24 hours for Carragher after his discussion with Gary Neville on Monday Night Football over the England squad and Trent Alexander-Arnold.

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