Every Fortnite Season Ranked From Worst to Best

Fortnite is one of the most successful games of recent times.

Fortnite has radically changed since its introduction to the gaming world back in 2017 – and has taken the world by storm during that time frame.

Epic Games’ creation has created a dynasty in the gaming community across both PlaystationXbox and PC, creating everlasting memories for young players for eternity in what was one of the first battle royale-style games of its kind when it was first released.

Something that has helped keep the game at the top for so long is the implementation of seasons, which provides an exclusive period for players to unlock content via the battle pass to keep fans coming back for more. Not only does this provide players with different cosmetics, but the game has also made adjustments to the maps, provided new weapons with attachments, skins and map adjustments to completely transform how to win a match.

Fortnite has seen 16 seasons come and go over the past five years which the current game almost looks unrecognisable in comparison to the first edition that was launched. But out of all of the seasons that have been released, which one comes out on top.

Scroll down as we rank every Fornite season from worst to best.

17. Season X

This was an easy one for us considering how many people complained about Season X at the time, with not many new features from the previous season that already had problems of its own.

The battle pass only contained upgraded skins from the previous season, leaving very little new cosmetics for players. Also, far too many changes to the game were made all at once, making it feel like an entirely new game and for the wrong reasons.

The ending was epic with the black hole, but changes were drastically needed to keep Fortnite fresh.

16. Season 9

A very interesting season with many changes taking place from the previous one, with the combat shotgun being introduced and retail becoming the Mega Mall store.

Bugs immediately riddled this season on its first week of release. After being fixed, the combat quickly became the most powerful weapon ever made that infuriated some players. While the Final Showdown live event went down well, it left many disappointed.

15. Season 7

Fortnite attempted to introduce some cold and festive content to its franchise with the Ice King, the planes and the Boom Box.

In competitive action, the Infinity Blade did upset many players due to its overpowered nature and how easily it would take out players, which let the season down significantly.

14. Chapter Two – Season 1

It was a strange time for Fortnite as a whole, and the first season of chapter two was in desperate need of a refresh to spice things up. That is exactly what it got.

Boats, fishing and a completely new map was added. While it was fairly basic, it went on for way too long with fairly few updates during the timescale, with only the harpoon added. This left a sour taste in the mouths of some players which saw many walk away from the game.

13. Chapter Two – Season 6

It might be unfair to rate the current season this low as it still early days for their latest creation.

With Matrix-influenced content with Agent Jones, dramatic music and animated outfits as part of the rewards from the battle pass, some players have complained about the gameplay of the latest season. Time will tell whether this will be adapted from now until June.

12. Season 6

Lots of new gameplay content was added in the sixth edition of the game, including the Quad Crashers finally arrived on Fortnite and the balloons.

The Six Shooter also came in as a common weapon but was underwhelming, especially with contrasting offensive items such as the pickaxe. The game still had a lot of work to do and this added to the problems of the game rather than fixed them.

11. Season 3

The saying “difficult third album” isn’t reverberated for no reason, as it always has a lot to live up to. But it turned out to be a pretty solid addition.

Season 3 was nowhere near as good as the previous two seasons, the new features made were only minor, while the John Wick player skin is something that is remembered fondly from this Epic Games’ update.

John Wicks, astronauts and some minor map tweaks in Fortnite’s third attempt showed what was to come from Epic Games.

It wasn’t only those things that were brought in. We saw llamas for the first time, C4 which was ridiculously overpowered, hunting rifles and guided missiles which gave players much more freedom to work their way around the map to get themselves to the top. A solid effort but the game still had a long way to go at this point.

10. Chapter Two – Season 3

Pump-action shotguns were taken out of Fortnite once more with the charge shotgun returning in its place, which is worth writing an entire article about by itself.

The new update saw the map covered majorly in water, which wasn’t to everyone’s taste, with the addition of an Aquaman skin and sharks to the new additions.

Because it was so divisive, this is why it doesn’t rank any higher than ninth. But better was to come from the battle royale franchise.

9. Chapter Two – Season 2

While the second instalment of Chapter Two was nowhere near the best we have seen, it was still a lot of fun to play nonetheless.

A spy-themed battle pass presented a fresh new spin on the game. Being able to play as Deadpool on its own made this season stand out way more than others. Who doesn’t want to play as the Regenerating Degenerate?

8. Season 5

This edition of the franchise was a little tricky for gamers to adjust to, with the overpowered nature of the P90 which caused so much destruction.

Not long after that, the Drum Gun, Heavy Sniper and Double Barrel Shotgun were brought in to make things even more deadly, without balances to those weapons coming in later seasons.

7. Chapter 2 Season 7

While it may be early days for the latest season of Fortnite – the first impressions of the latest content from Epic Games have been mostly positive.

Their intergalactic spin with a mass alien invasion provided the battle royale series with an interesting new spin that we hadn’t seen before. 

On top of this, the weapon pool is arguably one of the best there has been for some time. While the Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle, SCAR and Pump Shotgun made their returns to the series, the Rail Gun has been the key talking point.

It will be interesting to see how highly this season ends up ranking.

6. Season 8

The popular infantry rifle was added to Fortnite in Season 8 which was used a lot by many players across the globe, and Siphon was made available in all modes which was not the case before.

There was also some fairly significant additions at this stage with Lazy Lagoon and the treasure chest making their debut in the game. Combined with the tilted towers, gamers could rack up some high killstreaks which made this tier a lot of fun to play.

5. Chapter Two – Season 5

The superhero focus did not please everybody which is why the hunters’ theme was brought in for this season.

The enlightened skins, Star Wars addition and minor map alterations got players excited with Mandalorian and Baby Yoda skins to acquire via the battle pass.

This alone made the fifth edition of Chapter Two a hugely popular season and one that kept players returning for more.

4. Season 1

The original Fortnite was released in September 2017, before seasons and battle passes became a frequent addition to the series. Despite being slightly rushed, it took the world by storm.

Nostalgia takes over when we think of this and was the reason why many players flocked to play the battle royale game. However, if this game was like Chapter Two, Season 6, there would be a great number of complaints from players.

3. Chapter Two – Season 4

Yes, the Marvel collaboration came in and was fun to play and experience. New locations and weapons were added as the Nexux war brewed, all of which focused on the superheroes arriving on the island to stop the impending doom of Galactus’ arrival.

An enjoyable storyline with delightful gameplay easily makes this one of the best in history.

2. Season 2

The introduction of the battle pass came about as the game was reaching its peak popularity – with Twitch streamers such as Ninja and Summit jumped on board.

It was the season where the campfire, chug jug, minigun and impulse grenades were introduced to the game and took Fortnite to the next level. One of the very best Fortnite’s ever to be released but just misses out on our number one spot because of what came after it.

1. Season 4

Fortnite comfortably set itself apart from the competition around it, with the first live event for The Rocket Launch that took place on 30th June 2018, which unveiled that a story was being written. Astonishingly, it went so smoothly.

Jet packs, shopping carts and thermal ARs came in along with the superhero battle pass which enhanced the gaming experience further – making this the best of the rest and putting Fortnite into a category of its own.

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