Celtic trivia: Take the ultimate in-depth test

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While Celtic are undoubtedly one of the biggest clubs in European football with supporters all around the globe, we can sometimes be consumed by recency bias in football. 

Indeed, with the news cycle spinning on a 24/7 basis these days, the all-consuming nature of the daily grind can prove overwhelming. 

Yes, we support our clubs and remain loyal even when things look bleak. However, how much do we really know about its history? Its achievements? Its records? 

With that in mind, GIVEMESPORT have compiled a little test for you. Given the recent success Celtic have enjoyed pretty much unopposed until this time out, the trophy cabinet has certainly swelled but can you seriously name exactly how many times Celtic have won the Scottish League Cup? 

Or how many league and Scottish Cup doubles they have lifted since their inception? 

One of the most successful clubs on the continent, it certainly isn’t easy to remember them all! 

Do you think you can get full marks? 

Have a go below!

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How many league titles have Celtic won?

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