The 5 Best Gaming Desks of 2021

The Arozzi Arena is one of the best 5 gaming desks of 2021

Everyone is working hard and playing hard from their homes more than ever before - with the coronavirus pandemic taking a hold on global activity.

Therefore, the right workspace is required to make the most out of the 9-5 job and gaming combined, with a fine symmetry between both to ensure that productivity and potential are realised.

Trading body UKIE recently revealed that gaming in the UK has seen a dramatic rise in profits, with a record £7 billion last year with the arrival of a “new console generation.”

Even if you are not the biggest and most passionate gamer in the world, having the right desk to suit your everyday needs is essential. Whether it is creating content for Twitch or YouTube, looking for an office upgrade or just need to reorganise, these desks will suit your needs.

We have looked across the internet on your behalf to find the best desks that money can buy, but have also factored in the cost, build quality and size to accommodate your working or gaming requirements. Whether you are shopping on a tight budget or if you are looking for a seismic play area, it is all right here.

Where can I find the best gaming desk?

Here is a countdown of the five best desks that we discovered.

5. Light Walnut L-Shaped Corner Desk

  • Weight: 17 kg
  • Dimensions: 147 x 112 x 74 cm
  • Price: £89.99 - Buy Now

If it is a good quality desk you are looking for and for not much money, look no further than this spacious desk which comes in a variety of gradients and colours.

Easy to assemble and ideal for those short on room, its L-shape will provide heaps of working space as well as gaming enjoyment after a hard day at the office.

4. VariDesk Pro Plus

  • Weight: 23.81 kg
  • Dimensions: 91.44 x 68.07 x 10.67 cm
  • Price: £365.00 - Buy Now

Vari’s attempt at astonishing practicality and quality shines through with the Pro Plus desk. Fitted with a rowing-lift raising mechanism and with enough space for two monitors, this provides simplicity and acres of space for work and play.

Sure, this may not be an actual desk. The Pro Plus is designed to rest on an existing surface. That being said, it is designed to be placed almost anywhere, transforming an average desk into something much more refined.

3. Lian Li DK-04F

  • Weight: 71.8 kg
  • Dimensions: 76 x 99 cm
  • Price: £1,885.99 - Buy Now

The ultimate and most premium gaming desk on the market today. Its price may make you wince but there is a perfectly good explanation for this.

Not only can it store your serious gaming PC inside its stunning glass top casing, but it also acts as a security device which will make it incredibly difficult for a thief to make off with. This is actually the smaller of two desks from Lian, with the DK-05F being able to store two PCs as opposed to one.

However, there are drawbacks to this. It is tricky to put together and you will probably need help from a friend to construct - due to its heavy legs and metal chassis. The price as well, almost £2,000, is incredibly expensive. Plus the fact that it only has a one-year warranty too.

If you can gloss over these technicalities, you are left with a serious piece of kit designed for the avid gaming enthusiast.

2. Arozzi Arena

  • Weight: 71.8 kg
  • Dimensions: 81 x 160 cm
  • Price: £319 - Buy Now

With a stunning modern design and the widest desk on our list, the Arena will provide more space for all of your gaming needs, plenty of room for a triple monitor setup and a practical workspace for photo and video editing software.

Its sturdy setup means that a gaming tower can fit on top along with plenty of coffee and space for stationary - even a lamp and some LED strip lights.

That being said, the Arena weighs the same as the DK-04F - which means it could be difficult to assemble single-handedly. Based on its reviews, surface placement will need careful consideration as it is recommended to be rested on either carpet or a rug.

Other than that, this is one of the largest desks you can buy and at exceptional value for money, this is easily one of the best around.

1. Flexispot EN1B

  • Weight: 70 kg
  • Dimensions: Varies from 99 x 51 cm to 160 x 78 cm
  • Price: £289.99 - Buy Now

The Flexispot EN1B may sound like something you fit to a car when it’s broken, but this easily tops our list as the best all-round gaming desk - taking every aspect of it into account.

Its flexibility means that it will fit in almost any room with the electrically adjustable controls that it comes with. That means if you initially fit it with the one monitor but then decide to go with a dual-monitor setup, the EN1B can comfortably accommodate this.

There will be no concerns about any desk rocking as it is remarkably stable, with straightforward assembly, clean-cut design and fantastic value for money, the EN1B tops our gaming desk tree.

What are your thoughts on our list? Do you agree? Are there any other gaming desks that should have been listed? Get in touch and let us know!

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