Fortnite: Streamer gets kill using a guitar as a controller


Twitch streamers have made quite a habit of using unique controllers in recent years.

A steering wheel and an ATM card reader have both been utilised with some success during recent livestreams, for example. Not to mention a baguette as well… no, seriously!

This most recent footage of a gamer racking up multiple kills on the wildly popular sandbox/Battle-Royale title Fortnite, however, will take some beating!

Twitch streamer RobDiesAlot is the man now famed online for battling with opponents using a converted electric guitar, and he even managed to come out on top in several duels whilst brandishing his rather unique-looking controller.

By simply turning the volume up to 11, shredding the frets, and twanging the E-string a few teams, the Spanish performer was somehow able to emerge from this battle (see below) victorious.

Perhaps aware of his controller’s limitations, RobDiesAlot chose to hide away at the beginning of the shootout, forcing his enemies out of cover to come and search for him.

Like all good soldiers, RobDiesAlot then opts to use the high ground to his advantage, mowing down oncoming enemies from atop the mound as they strolled casually into his crosshairs. 

The onslaught from up high did come at a cost though. RobDiesAlot needed to spend a few moments healing up at the summit before leaping down to the base to fire off those final fatal shots at his opponents.

Clearly unsatisfied with a top morning’s slaying, the guitarist-come-Twitch streamer re-entered the fray not long after and was able to take the soul of two more unsuspecting victims in Fortnite’s online battle-arena, this time tallying up a sweet double-kill for the highlight reels.

Using a similar tactic to his first success, Rob was forced to hide away for a period of the battle, but emerged with a mere morsel of health left on his life-meter to land a stunning final blow on his shamed opponent.

I like to think that RobDiesAlot hoisted his leg up onto his computer desk and went straight into an epic Iron Maiden-esque guitar solo in the immediate aftermath of that epic double-kill. But, regardless of whether he did or not, it’s great to see Twitch streamers still out there having all kinds of weird fun.

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