Grand Theft Auto: Ranking the 15 best missions in the entire series


Rockstar’s magnum opus, one of the most seminal, influential game franchises of all time, Grand Theft Auto, has left gamers in awe for decades.

An innovator in the open world format, GTA is renowned for the freedom it gives players to explore and (inevitably) commit all manner of crime. 

Despite the liberal approach to gameplay, GTA still boasts in depth storylines and missions for the player to pull through.

Everyone has their favourite missions and moments from the long-running series. In a recent article, Den of Geek revealed their favourites over three generations of consoles:

15: Friend Request – GTA V
14: Black Project – GTA San Andreas
13: New Model Army – GTA San Andreas
12: The Exchange – GTA III
11: Cop Land – GTA Vice City

10: Supply Lines – GTA San Andreas

Notorious among fans for its insane level of difficulty, Supply Lines is a relentless challenge for even the most seasoned of players.

You take control of an armed remote control plane with the intent to destroy several couriers before heading back to Zero’s roof.

Sounds easy right? Guess again. Between the time limit and unwieldy controls, it’s just plain infuriating.

9: Caida Libre – GTA V


In a series legendary for the quality of its car chases, this vehicular thrill ride stands out. In a likely homage to The Jackal, Franklin guns down a plane via a remote control sniper rifle.

You then play as Trevor on a hectic dirt bike chase to keep up with the descending plane in one of the game’s most thrilling moments.

8: The Holland Play – GTA IV

Decisions, decisions.

Do you kill the hapless Dwayne or the unpredictable Playboy X?

In one of the series’ most complicated story moments, you must either follow Playboy X’s order and kill the unfortunate Dwayne for $25,000 (and some pretty hypocritical scorn from Playboy no less) or turn on Playboy and take him out (a much harder but rewarding option).

7: The Paletto Score – GTA V

Never under estimate local police…

What was meant to be a small scale score on an under-guarded rural bank becomes a minigun-wielding Trevor doing what he does best: raising hell.

Before you know it, the army is in the house too and this all-action mission is out of control.

6: Breaking the Bank at Caligula’s – GTA San Andreas

Posing as a casino employee, CJ gases the security guards while Zero blows up the hydro-electric dam to black out the building they’re robbing.

Before you know it, there’s the Mafia, the Yakuza, parachutes and a getaway helicopter to contend with.

5: Just Business – GTA San Andreas

Lesson of the story: don’t mess with the Russian Mafia.

When Big Smoke gets stuck in a firefight over a deal gone wrong, it’s up to CJ to rescue him in this chaotic motorbike chase. At the time of release, it was the best chase the series had done yet.

4: The Big Score – GTA V

Saving the best for last, GTA V’s final heist mission is an epic ride.

There’s two excellent approaches to game play here: subtle or obvious.

Regardless of the choice you make, you get a multilayered heist extravaganza that sets up the game’s multiple choice ending perfectly.

3: Keep Your Friends Close – GTA Vice City


The climax of Vice City has the protagonist, Tommy, reach the status of boss.

Of course, this being GTA, it doesn’t come easily with first a long term betrayal being revealed and then Tommy having to kill an absurd number of characters to cement his place at the top.

A solid ending to a classic instalment.

2: End Of The Line – GTA San Andreas

Let’s go back to the start.

San Andreas rounds its story out exactly where it began: Grove Street.

Chases, city riots and final confrontations with both Smoke and Officer Tenpenny make this an unforgettable finale to one of Rockstar’s most acclaimed efforts.

1: Three Leaf Clover – GTA IV

Reminiscent of Michael Mann’s classic film Heat, this daylight robbery of the Bank of Liberty pits Niko and the McReary brothers against seemingly every cop in the world.

GTA IV’s most ambitious mission also ties in perfectly to its well-received DLCs: The Ballad of Gay Tony and The Lost and The Damned.

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