7-10 split: Bowler lands remarkable spare on TV for first time in 30 years


At some point in life, we’ve been faced with the most difficult shot in a bowling alley known as the 7-10 split. 

Sound familiar? It’s when you knock down all of the middle pins and are left with the two pins on the back row that are at opposite ends, numbered 7 and 10. 

Almost an impossible situation given the gap between them, generally you aim for one and take it on the chin that you’ll miss out on the other.

Well, that wasn’t the case for an 18-year-old professional bowler in America, who achieved the unthinkable when he wrote his name into the history books by delivering the famous shot and earning himself the spare of the game in the process.

Anthony Neuer, dubbed the ‘Ginger Assassin’, was up against Jakob Butturff at the Professional Bowling Association’s US Open semi-final in Reno, Nevada.

On the seventh frame, a first bowl from Neuer left him with the dreaded 7-10 split. 

A shot as daunting as it is tricky, many experienced players have struggled to hit it, never mind a teenager.

Neuer, however, had other ideas. His second attempt managed to hit the right-sided pin hard enough that it flew across to knock over the left-sided pin as well. His huge smile was clear to see even behind a face-mask as he put his name up in lights. 

He became just the fourth player in the history of professional bowling to deliver the 7-10 on TV and the first to do it since 1991, way before he was even born. 

A momentous moment calls for a big celebration and it got just that. Once Neuer ended the 30-year wait, the commentary team, as you’d expect, erupted.

“HE DID IT! HE DID IT! HE GOT THE 7-10 RANDY! HE DID IT!” screamed one broadcaster. “My goodness the ‘Ginger Assassin’ just dropped a 7-10.”


Ultimately, the historic moment proved to be in vain as Neuer would go on to be eliminated.

Already looking a special talent, don’t be surprised to see him pull off such moments again in future. 

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