Conor McGregor tells Dustin Poirier UFC 264 is cancelled


In a below-the-belt rant on social media platform Twitter, Conor McGregor has stated that his trilogy fight with "Diamond" Dustin Poirier is OFF.

The rematch between the two men is currently scheduled to take place on July 10 at UFC 264 in Las Vegas, but these latest remarks from the Irish fighter clearly place the fight in some jeopardy.

In McGregor's tweet, he took offence to comments made by Poirier regarding the Irishman's failure to cough up the $500,000 he promised to the Good Fight Foundation, posting: "You’re ripped, you inbred hillbilly. Why do you wink with your ears? You f****** brain-dead hillbilly. $500k with no plan in place. Ye hang tight. Fool. You must be new to money. The fight is off btw. I’m going to fight someone else on the 10th. Good luck on your old contract kid."

Choosing also to mock Poirier's home town of New Orleans, the Notorious one added: "It’s Mardi Gras b****** get your t*** out for it."

Dana White and the UFC are yet to comment on the possible cancellation of the fight, but, due to the mega-money that McGregor PPVs tend to do at the box office, it's unlikely the UFC president will scratch the bout off the fight card without at least some pushback.

As for McGregor, the former lightweight champion has a long history of mental warfare against opponents and has already retired from the Octagon three times, only to return. As such, it's near impossible to discern if he will follow through on his threat to veto the Poirier fight – wait and see is the modus operandi here, fight fans.

Poirier originally let the world know that McGregor backed out of his pledge to donate $500k to the Good Fight Foundation after the two men fought at UFC 257 back in January. Poirier won the bout in a straight-forward fashion, damaging his opponent's lead leg with some brutal calf kicks in the first round, before moving in for the kill with some well-placed punches in the second, claiming a KO victory over the Irishman.


With his confidence clearly still high from the win, the usually-reserved New Orleans native didn't hold back when responding to a recent tweet from McGregor, in which the Irishman gave his prediction for the third and final instalment of the fight.

Poirier tweeted: "That's a fun prediction @TheNotorious MMA you also predicted a donation to my foundation and you and your team stopped responding after the fight in January. See you soon. July 10th Paid In Full!"

McGregor, who is nothing if not a businessman, defended himself, stating that he had been waiting for information on how his donation would be spent.

"A donation, not a debt," McGregor said.


"We’ve been awaiting the plans for the money that never came. I do with all my donations. Know where it’s going dot for dot. Otherwise, it goes walking. As is the case with a lot of these foundations, sadly. You took the McG over the belt shows I was right."

McGregor's long-standing manager and business associate Audie Attar also chimed in on the situation between his client and Poirier, tweeting: "Dustin! Why you frontin'? Did you forget the face-to-face meeting we just had in Utah with our families? Where we stood by you as you tried to get more $ from the UFC?"

Because of McGregor's long history of wacky antics to help build up fights, at present, it's impossible to know how the situation between these two men is going to play out.

One thing that is for sure, though, is that fight fans around the world will be crossing their fingers for the go-ahead come July 10.

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