Alexa Bliss reveals new friend on WWE RAW and hints at why she distracted “The Fiend” at WrestleMania 37

Alexa Bliss

The partnership between Alexa Bliss and “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt appears to be over, after Bliss distracted Wyatt at WrestleMania to help Randy Orton claim victory.

In last night’s episode of RAW, Bliss hosted a new segment of Alexa’s Playground. The five-time Women’s Champion told a story which suggests why she caused such a distraction at Mania.

The story concerned a little girl who was lost until she was rescued by darkness. That darkness protected the girl and taught her everything, but when it eventually went away, the girl realised she never needed its help at all.

Bliss then introduced her new friend –– a puppet named Lily, who appeared evil looking in nature. She announced that her and Lily are about to have a lot of fun and that the pair are just getting started.

This seems to suggest that Bliss is no longer going to work with Wyatt and may even turn against “The Fiend” at some point in the future.

Later in the show, there was more evidence that the duo’s friendship may be over, as Wyatt himself cut a promo during the return of The Firefly Fun House. Wyatt said it was good to be back in the Fun House with his true friends, while Abby the Witch referenced Bliss by saying that she couldn’t stand the “little b****”.

Though it’s unclear when Bliss and Wyatt will meet again, it’s clear that the two have unfinished business with one another.

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