WrestleMania 37: 5 winners and 5 losers


The highly anticipated WrestleMania 37 lived up to all the hype and delivered an enthralling show for each and every viewer, including the select number of fans that were allowed in the arena. 

The 37th edition of the ever-popular event marked the first time WWE had fans in attendance since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Given that, the promotion knew they had to put on quite the performance, and boy did they.

The wrestling spectacle produced various winners and losers over the course of the festivities, so here are our five winners and five losers from WrestleMania 37.

Winner: Bianca Belair

Belair went from an unknown challenger to a Royal Rumble winner in the space of a year. Her meteoric rise has been a joy for WWE fans to watch, especially after that sensational performance against veteran Sasha Banks in the main event.

Her success highlights the positive impact that NXT has had in recent years with regards to developing the future stars of WWE. Belair fully deserved her new title and we can’t wait for what’s next.

Loser: Bray Wyatt (The Fiend)

His look may have been cool, but his defeat to Randy Orton was so poor on Wyatt’s part. An RKO resulted following Fiend getting distracted by Alexa Bliss on top of a huge Jack in the Box. 

An underwhelming display from Wyatt and yet another big loss in a big feud earns him a place on our WrestleMania losers list.


Winner: Bad Bunny

The platinum-selling artist has arguably been one of the most impressive celebrities to ever join WWE. The Puerto-Rican took his time to train and learn the needed moves in order to perform at the highest level. And boy did he.

Let’s hope the Superstar doesn’t leave WWE just yet because he truly did wow viewers with his performance.

Loser: Sami Zayn

His defeat to Kevin Owens was one the Canadian will hope to forget. Zayn has been a staple in WWE for the last 10 years, but not everyone is truly invested in his gimmick right now, with his conspiracy documentary not winning over the WWE Universe in some sections. Add to that his brief alliance with Logan Paul, and not many fans are left wanting more.

Zayn will now hope he can redeem himself at Money In The Bank later this year.


Winner: Cesaro

It was an unforgettable weekend for Cesaro, as his thrilling win over Seth Rollins will live long in his memory and is probably the greatest triumph of his career.

Let’s hope Cesaro can now build off of a triumphant WrestleMania and reach new heights in future WWE events.

It’s time to give him that push he’s rightfully deserved for so long now!

Loser: Riddle

Losing his United States championship to Sheamus in brutal fashion perfectly summarised his run as champion. 

Not many were truly invested in the reign, and although he had some humorous segments backstage, his stuff in the ring as a champion didn’t quite match up.


Where does he go from here, though?!

Winner: Roman Reigns

Reigns is currently standing proud atop of the WWE summit following a monstrous performance at ‘Mania. He retained his Universal Championship after dispatching Daniel Bryan and Edge in spectacular fashion.

The fact that he completely stacked his opponents’ bodies on top of each as he claimed victory shows just why he is WWE’s main man.

You shall all acknowledge The Tribal Chief.

Loser: Asuka

Asuka being on the losers list isn’t in anyway a criticism of her match at ‘Mania with Rhea Ripley, but it’s more a reflection of her recent title run, that did lack a certain oomph. 


Ripley absolutely dominated Asuka to take the crown symbolising a new era in the women’s division. 

It’s not the last we’ll hear of Asuka, though, that’s for sure.

Winner: Omos

What a debut for Omos. Despite a limited role, he excited viewers with his physical presence and looks set to grow as a fan favourite in future WWE events.

While AJ Styles had the spotlight, Omos will definitely be an exciting figure on WWE’s roster.

Loser: Naomi/Lana

The Tag Team Turmoil match was probably the most disappointing component of WrestleMania 37, but it’s always hard to showcase your talent when the match is so fast-paced, and that’s sadly why Naomi and Lana fall into the losers category.

Being eliminated from the match first made it a night to forget for the pair.

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