Chelsea: Jose Bosingwa won a free-kick by stamping on a Liverpool player

Jose Bosingwa was a VERY lucky man...

VAR deservedly has its critics.

The use of the technology in the Premier League since it was introduced at the start of the 2019/20 season has been the subject of much debate.

Most fans will argue that VAR has not improved the game one bit and after watching numerous clips of goals being disallowed for 'armpit offsides', it's hard not to agree.

However, the technology can be beneficial when it comes to the topic of 'violent conduct' on the pitch in the Premier League.

VAR can step in and review an incident that officials may either have missed or misinterpreted at the time, ensuring that a player is correctly punished if they're guilty.

Had the operation at Stockley Park been in place back in 2009, former Chelsea right-back Jose Bosingwa would have deservedly been sent off for a cowardly stamp on the back of Liverpool's Yossi Benayoun.

Bosingwa in action

The incident occurred in stoppage-time of a Premier League encounter and amazingly, Bosingwa wasn't even penalised for his kung-fu kick.

In fact, the linesman Mo Matadar awarded a free-kick in Chelsea's favour, as he believed Benayoun was obstructing play in order to waste time and help preserve Liverpool's 1-0 lead.

Honestly, we're not joking...


"Have you ever seen anything like that?" Andy Gray says in commentary on Sky Sports and the incident remains a unique one - for all the wrong reasons - to this very day.

To make matters worse, the FA were prohibited from punishing Bosingwa in the aftermath of the game under FIFA law, as Matadar had seen the incident at the time.

The Portuguese defender did at least say sorry for thrusting his studs into Benayoun's back, although it was far from the greatest apology ever.

"I apologise for what I did and it was never my intention to hurt him," he said, per Daily Mail. "I know it was wrong and I apologise.

"It's always frustrating to lose big games and especially in this way. It was important to get points and not let Manchester United go. That didn't happen, so we are upset, but now we have to think about the next game."

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