Worst golf shot ever? Rory McIlroy covers spectator in cacti


When fans attend a golf tournament in person, most accept that there is a very small chance of them being struck by a mis-hit ball - and take precautions to avoid this happening.

One spectator at the first round of the 2014 Match Play Championship in Arizona, though, could not ever have imagined quite how unlucky he would get while trying to dodge a ball struck by Rory McIlroy.

Number one seed McIlroy was facing off with Boo Weekley in his opening match of the tournament when he got himself into trouble at the par-4 15th. 

The Northern Irishman saw a drive skew badly left of the fairway, placing him in a very tough spot. His ball came to a stop right next to a rock, meaning McIlroy had no option but to try and blast it free and into a better position.

The immediate reaction of the crowd when McIlroy strikes the ball tells you that the shot has not gone to plan.

Those in attendance scurry for cover, with the ball heading straight for them. Although nobody is hit by the ball itself, one man took a very nasty tumble while trying to avoid it - as you can see in the video below.

Be warned: it is not for the feint hearted.

The fan concerned ended up taking a spill into a patch of jumping cacti - and the results are pretty tough to witness. The unfortunate man emerges with cacti stuck in both his arms and back. To his credit, he seems remarkably calm given what has just happened.

Those close to him rush to try and help remove the plants, with some offering knives to help with the task. Despite their assistance, the poor bloke must have had a rough few days following his day at the golf!

For the record, McIlroy did immediately concede the hole after the incident. He went on to win the match itself 3-2, but was then eliminated in the very next round.

Australia's Jason Day eventually won the title. However, that year's tournament will forever be known as the time that an innocent spectator had a brutal run-in with a cactus.

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