Charlotte Flair's perfect response to social media criticism of her look on WWE RAW

Charlotte had the perfect response to social media criticism after WWE RAW

Charlotte Flair made her return to WWE on Monday's RAW After WrestleMania. 

For the first time since debuting on the main roster in 2015, 'The Queen' actually missed The Show of Shows this year. 

It's fair to say she was pretty upset with being left off the card, making a comeback on RAW to confront the WWE Universe.

Charlotte went off, calling new RAW Women's Champion Rhea Ripley the 'biggest snake' in the locker room, while listing off other stars that simply don't compare to her. 

Flair finished her promo by saying that 'Karma's a b****... and I'm that b****' before dropping the mic.

Her statement was well received by many on social media, who believe she was born to play this role of the 'entitled heel'. 

Charlotte is back for revenge on RAW

It's fair to say Charlotte was on fire in the ring and she carried some of that no-nonsense attitude over to social media too. 

When one person on Twitter criticised how she looked during Monday's RAW appearance, 'The Queen' clapped back perfectly.

"Lord help me if I ever listen to a man’s opinion on how I should look," Charlotte tweeted in response to someone suggesting she 'looked like a stick figure drawn by a three-year-old'.

Charlotte slams a fan on social media

The original tweet, unsurprisingly, was quickly deleted after Flair called it out. But well done to her for doing so. We don't call Charlotte 'The Queen' for no reason. 

She's been slaying in the ring - and on social media - this week.

But what will come next for Flair on-screen? After her impressive promo on RAW, she also beat down both Ripley and Asuka during their title match. 

It was a pretty clear statement from the legendary RAW star. 

Charlotte wasted Asuka and Ripley on RAW this week

Just because Charlotte missed WrestleMania this year, that doesn't mean we can forget about her. She'll no doubt be on the hunt to reclaim that title belt very soon.  

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