Khabib's classy offer to Dustin Poirier's charity re-emerges after Conor McGregor drama


It is probably safe to say that Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier are no longer friends.

After a sharing an admirable mutual respect for each other over the course of their first two fights, their relationship descended into a bitter war of words on Twitter this week.

You can be sure the scenes we saw both ahead and after their January fight won’t be replicated after some fiery jabs were flung in both directions.

The spat exploded into life when Poirier accused McGregor of failing to follow through on an offer to donate $500,000 to Poirier’s charity.

McGregor, typically, wasn’t about to be accused of such a thing without having his own say before blaming a lack of infrastructure within Poirier’s organisation for his reluctance to donate to it.

Terms such as ‘inbred hillbilly’ were viciously wielded with alarming fluency as the pair’s once solid relationship took a dive off the proverbial cliff.


Now, amid all the drama, footage has begun to do the rounds of a conversation between Poirier and a certain Khabib Nurmagomedov in the immediate aftermath of their fight at UFC 242.

Having overcome Poirier in an intense battle, Nurmagomedov wore the American’s fight shirt before promising to sell it and donate all the proceeds to Poirier’s The Good Fight Foundation.

Khabib would ultimately hold fast to his promise, later donating a hefty sum of $100,000 to the foundation with UFC president Dana White matching his donation.

Poirier was delighted with The Eagle’s contribution, telling MMA Junkie at the time:

“I’m proud of that. I appreciate them helping out the charity. It’s been growing and I’m very grateful for that.”

Unsurprisingly, fans are using the footage to point out a supposed gulf in class between Khabib and long-time rival, McGregor.

Now, with relations at an all-time low, McGregor and Poirier will have no time for niceties in the run-up to their July fight.

It’s going to be a real bitter bout and we simply can’t wait for them to step into the cage again.

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