WWE fan takes his date to Monday Night RAW as she prepared for night of passion


The last 12 months have, at times, seen us all scrabbling around for almost anything to do, right?

For many, that has meant immersing themselves into social media, whilst simultaneously trying desperately to avoid any mention of the words 'pandemic' and/or 'COVID-19'.

Contact with the outside world during lockdown has been vital for many reasons, and Twitter in particular has been awash with polls, interaction tweeted questions and interesting tidbits to bide the time.

Earlier this week, one such poser was set by user Steven Glansberg, asking what was the most awkward date people had been on.

Amongst the 1.7k plus retweets and 11.2k quotes was one from user Madisun, who revealed a confusing, awkward, but equally hilarious incident, culminating in an unexpected trip to live WWE show.

The mishap occurred back in 2018, as Madisun explained, when her current squeeze at the time had suggested what she thought to be a night of hot and sweaty action.

What she got was, technically speaking, accurate, but surely led to very different and rather tricky evening.


As the user tweeted: "When the guy I was seeing texted me "Monday Night RAW?

"So I planned for a night of intense pleasure but instead I ended up here..."

Attaching an image of a live RAW event, the response has been met with unanimous hilarity, with, to date, close to 20,000 retweets.

As a host of wrestling-related puns spewed onto the thread, it was, however, unclear whether said particularly date had been their last.

But it serves to prove that in this very different world we all live in now, social media can often lead to more misunderstandings than sitting down to watch Lost in Translation.

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