Arsenal: Thierry Henry assisted himself vs Liverpool with crazy sprint

There was just no stopping Thierry Henry at Arsenal

Thierry Henry versus Jamie Carragher was a very one-sided battle.

The former pretty much always emerged victorious when the pair came face-to-face on the pitch, something he likes to remind the Liverpool legend of.

When Henry was a guest on Sky Sports' Monday Night Football last month, the four-time Premier League Golden Boot winner couldn't resist making a joke at Carragher's expense.

The Frenchman said: “It’s been a long time but happy to be back, happy to see Jamie. Two metres apart from me like in a game!”

Henry's humorous line was fairly accurate, though, because there are just so many clips of Carragher being left trailing in his wake.

One of the very best - if not the best - came during the Frenchman's final year as an Arsenal player in 2007.

Henry in action

On January 6th of that year, the Gunners made the trip to Anfield to face Rafa Benitez's talented Liverpool team in the third round of the FA Cup.

Arsenal won the game 3-1 and Henry's goal that sealed victory for Arsene Wenger's side in the 84th-minute was mind-boggling.

The lightning-quick striker basically assisted himself, chasing his own pass and leaving poor ol' Carragher on his backside by the touchline in the process.

Henry then charged towards Liverpool's goal and cooly slotted the ball past Jerzy Dudek.


Behave, Thierry.

Carragher had a 10-yard head start in the race to win the ball from Henry's kick up field, but the Liverpool man still came off second best.

"Some players were deceptively quick. Carragher's the only player I know that was deceptively slow," one football fan replied, which is a pretty good way of summing up the footage found above.

The defender-turned-pundit excelled at the pragmatic side of the game, but sprinting was not an area that he was strong in - far from it in fact.

But when Henry was involved, pretty much every single defender on the planet was made to look athletically inferior and it's one of many reasons why the Arsenal legend is often labelled the Premier League's greatest ever player.

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