Stone Cold Steve Austin & Chris Jericho rewatch funniest WWE moments in unseen podcast clip

Stone Cold and Jericho rewatch funniest WWE moments

During WrestleMania weekend, Stone Cold Steve Austin welcomed Chris Jericho onto his Broken Skull Sessions podcast. 

The pair spent two hours discussing a range of topics, including Y2J's memorable WWE debut, his incredible Hall of Fame career and why he eventually joined AEW.

As always with Stone Cold and his guests, while much of the interview was serious, deep and engaging, there was also time for some light-hearted conversation. 

WWE have recently released a bonus clip from Jericho's Broken Skull Sessions appearance, where he discusses some of the funniest moments he shared with Austin during his career. 

Check out the previously unseen footage below:

Brilliant. Jericho and Stone Cold really did have great chemistry, didn't they. 

In the first clip the two watch back, Austin asks his fellow Superstar if he 'wants to drink a god-damn beer?' back in 2003. 

He then tosses some cans at Jericho, who fails to catch two before finally grabbing the third at close range. 

Jericho and Austin discuss their funniest WWE moments

The second clips shows the pair in Birmingham, England at Insurrextion in 2003, where Y2J is hilariously listing off the names of bands and famous people who have come from the UK.

He then rhymes 'the Spice Girls' with 'the roll the dice girls', 'the rice girls' and 'the mice girls' all while the audience yells 'WHAAAAT?' 

Jericho and Austin enjoyed winding each other up in WWE

The final clip, also from 2003 (when RAW was off the air), shows Austin and Jericho toasting before things take a turn for the worse and Y2J eats a Stone Cold Stunner. 


Stone Cold hits the Stunner on Jericho

As the clip concludes, Jericho claims that Stone Cold is actually a really 'goofy' person and he always enjoyed working with him in comedy segments. 

Man, we really miss those days. Y2J and Austin really did have incredible chemistry! 

Stone Cold Steve Austin's Broken Skull Sessions featuring Chris Jericho is available to watch now on WWE Network.

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