WWE officials debate WrestleMania 37 main event finish on Twitter & tease rematch

WWE are teasing a rematch after WrestleMania finish causes controversy

Roman Reigns made a statement at WrestleMania 37 on Sunday night. 

In the main event of The Show of Shows, pinned both Daniel Bryan and Edge to successfully defend his Universal Championship. 

By doing so, Roman actually did exactly as he predicted on SmackDown two night's earlier. 

Last Friday, he promised to 'smash, stack and pin' his two opponents at the same time, during a promo that foreshadowed WrestleMania perfectly. 

But despite a dominant display in the main event, some WWE fans are debating the finish to the match.

One tweeted her thoughts to WWE Official Adam Pearce, suggesting that Edge should actually be the real Universal Champion because he - not Reigns - was the one covering Bryan.

"Edge is on Bryan. Therefore he’s pinning him. Edge is the real Universal Champion. Fix this @ScrapDaddyAP. #Wrestlemania"

Pearce actually replied to the message, simply quote tweeting it with the words 'Interesting take'.

Pearce responded to WWE fans on social media

It seems WWE might be teasing some potential fallout from the WrestleMania main event for this week's SmackDown, because referee Charles Robinson even got involved on Twitter.

He wrote: "Four shoulders were on the mat. Roman was on top of both and in charge. It’s my discretion and that’s the final call." 

Pearce replied to that tweet with the message: "Charles, please come and see me in my office on Friday. Thank you." 

Pearce and Robinson discuss WrestleMania on Twitter

Well, you've got to admire the fact both Pearce and Robinson are being quite transparent about matters relating to the main event of WrestleMania 37.

There is clearly some debate between those closest to the action over who the 'real' winner at 'Mania was. 

With next month's PPV named 'WrestleMania Backlash' it's quite likely WWE could run with this debate and give Edge a one-on-one rematch for the Universal Title in May. 

Reigns might not be the true Universal Champion after all

If that happens, there's no doubt fans would certainly be excited to see it.

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