Far Cry 6: Release Date, UK, Gameplay, Trailer, Review And Everything You Need To Know

Far Cry 6 is scheduled for release on 12th October 2021.

Far Cry 6 is one of the most highly anticipated new releases which has got the gaming community talking.

The game’s developers Ubisoft have had the sixth edition of the successful series that has generated a vast fanbase since the first game was released back in 2004 on the original Xbox.

In a huge contrast from Far Cry 5, the new edition takes us to the frozen tropical world of Yara who is controlled by a dictator called Anton Castillo, voiced by Breaking Bad star Giancarlo Esposito. His aim is to restore Yana back to how it was before with his son Diego, despite a revolution forming against them.

Players will take control of activist and protagonist Dani to take down Castillo and destroy his empire in Yana. Despite the details of the storyline being released, there is still not a great deal of information after multiple leaks of the game turned out to be inconclusive.

We will post any updates regarding further details of the game as the release date edges closer. Here is everything you need to know about Far Cry 6.

Latest News

UPDATE 29th September: Ubisoft have unveiled a brand new trailer that reveals more about the game’s campaign.

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Far Cry 6 Cinematic Trailer: Ubisoft showcase all-new footage ahead of release

8th September: The developers have confirmed whether there would be a free next-generation update.

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3rd September: Details have been revealed by Ubisoft regarding Far Cry 6 system requirements for PC players.

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9th July: Far Cry tweeted out a video in which the narrative director gave fans a great insight into the hero- Dani Rojas.

23rd June: Many players have been speculating about the Collector’s Edition and what it will include. Well fear not, we have detailed it all here for you!

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21st June: Screenshots have emerged of the latest Far Cry 6 gameplay and it is a possibility that we could see destructible environments in the game!

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15th June: Following the successful world premiere of Far Cry 6, Ubisoft have revealed more appetising details regarding what gamers can expect.

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UK Release date

Far Cry 6 was originally pencilled for the release date of 18th February 2021 for Playstation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PC, PS4 and Xbox One. However, after Ubisoft revealed their financial struggles, they stated the game will arrive after April 2021 but no later than March 2022.

We will update you as soon as an official release date is announced.


As of yet, no gameplay has been released. However, Far Cry’s game design director Ted Timmins responded to a fan on Twitter stating that they will be ready to showcase their efforts very soon.


Ubisoft revealed the world premiere trailer for Far Cry 6 during its Forward event back in July 2020. As you can see, Castillo is giving his son Diego some firm words of advice as civilians riot outside of their mansion. Check it out right here:

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While details are hard to come by, no official reviews have been carried out on the game. We will be listing some comments from the most recognised gaming names such as Metacritic and IGN when they are available.

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