Ferguson, Klopp, Mourinho: Warnock named five best managers in Premier League history

Neil Warnock and Sir Alex Ferguson

Sir Alex Ferguson is one of the greatest managers in history.

The Scottish manager had extraordinary success with both Aberdeen and Manchester United.

Ferguson helped the latter to 39 major trophies.

His record of 13 Premier League titles will most likely never be beaten.

However, while his list of accomplishments is quite frankly absurd, Neil Warnock thinks Ferguson is only the fourth best manager in Premier League history.

Yes, you read that right. Warnock, in his eyes, genuinely thinks that three Premier League managers are greater than Ferguson.

He named his top five greatest Premier League managers of all-time last year while on talkSPORT. You can view his selections below:

5. Jose Mourinho

“What I like about him is the way he deals with the media at the most difficult times, but I would still put him number five,” Warnock said of the current Tottenham boss.

Jose Mourinho, Tottenham manager

4. Alex Ferguson

Warnock said of Ferguson: “I just think he was in an era where it was all about man-management – it wasn’t down to all the backroom staff – and Sir Alex was probably the best at that.”

3. Jurgen Klopp

“I would put Klopp third because I think he’s just beginning and he will get even better,” he said about Klopp.

“But his outlook and everything he has done at the club and the future with the kids… I think he has got another 10 years coming forward.

“So I think he’s third at the minute, but could easily be number one in a couple of years.”

Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool manager

2. Pep Guardiola

Warnock said of Guardiola: “I saw his teams first-hand last year and I’ve never seen a team with that kind of movement.

“His influence on the parks and the lower down leagues has been fantastic, so I’d put Pep second.”

Pep Guardiola

1. Arsene Wenger

“I would pick Arsene Wenger as the number one because he changed the whole outlook on modern footballers,” he said about Wenger.

“He brought so many things in that had never been thought of. The nutritionist, the fitness guys, video, technology. He changed the whole course of it when he came into the Premier League.”

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