Stefano Domenicali hopes to have female Formula 1 drivers in next 10 years

Formula 1

Stefano Domenicali is confident that Formula 1 will be able to introduce female drivers to the grid in the next ten years. In a quick-fire Q&A segment for the official F1 website, the racing CEO said that it's a "big hope" for the sport.

It will be a huge landmark moment for Formula 1 when women can compete alongside the likes of Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen and other racing heavyweights. There hasn't been a female racer involved in the sport since 1992, when Giovanna Amatia attempted to qualify for three Grands Prix but failed on all three occasions.

The overall involvement of women in the sport started more than 60 years ago, with Maria Teresa de Filippis spearheading the movement. However, the tone was set during the 1958 French Grand Prix when the race director denied Filippis' involvement and hit her with the crushing statement of: "The only helmet that a woman should use is the hairdresser."

De Filippis ended her career the following year at the Monaco Grand Prix. Since her retirement from racing, only four other women have been involved in Formula 1. Italian racer Lella Lombardi remains the only woman in history to pick up points during the World Championship and South Africa's Desiré Wilson made history as the first and only woman to win an F1 race of any kind.

Since Amatia attempted to qualify with Brabham back in 1992, women have been estranged to Formula 1. However, with other sports celebrating the success of their female athletes, the time could be drawing closer for the racing giants to play catch up.

There are successful female racers across the globe, with the well-known W Series proving a huge success in its two short years already, there's hope for the future of Formula 1. Reigning champion Jamie Chadwick is leading the way for both Britain and other nations looking to deploy their talented female drivers into the top tier of single-seater racing. 

With CEO Domenicali completely backing the prospect of women taking their places back on the starting grid, the likes of Mercedes, Red Bull and Ferrari could soon be expanding their teams – seeing women behind the wheels at last, rather than behind the screens in the pits.

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