WATCH: Incredible viral video shows professional boxing coach training Ryan Garcia

Ryan Garcia

A video showing professional boxing coach Ann Najjar training several stars, including Ryan Garcia, has gone viral online.

Najjar, who posted the compilation on her TikTok under the profile “mittqueen”, has accumulated over 3.5 million views on the video so far.

In the clips, Najjar can be seen holding mitts for a number of boxers, both male and female. Many have been quick to point out the speed at which she manages to keep up with these fighters and have lauded her amazing skill.

One of those boxers that Najjar can be seen training is Ryan Garcia, who currently holds the WBC interim lightweight title.

Considered one of the world’s best boxers, Garcia has won every one of his 21 professional fights and beat British Olympic gold medallist Luke Campbell for the belt at the start of this year.

Knowing that Garcia is trained in part by Najjar, speaks volumes as to how good she is as a coach.

In an interview with Women’s Health Mag, the trainer said she boxed four times a week herself and that mitt work took just as much skill as punching.

“Being the mitt holder actually took just as much skill as punching it –– if you don’t hold the mitts the right way, you mess up your partner.”

It certainly seems like Najjar’s job is often underappreciated, but next time we see Ryan Garcia in the ring, just know that the “mittqueen” has helped him along the way.

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