Chelsea's Timo Werner savaged by ex-Tottenham star in brutal 'blind horse' analysis

  • Kobe Tong

Rafael van der Vaart has something of a penchant for brutal analyses of football players.

Since hanging up his boots in 2018, the former Real Madrid and Tottenham Hotspur midfielder hasn’t minced his words whenever he’s been asked for his opinion on the beautiful game.

And just in case you think we’re exaggerating, let’s start with one of Van der Vaart’s most famous examples – essentially saying in no uncertain terms that Harry Maguire is absolutely rubbish.

Van der Vaart’s penchant for criticism

According to Goal, Van der Vaart said: “I think Maguire goes home every day and tells his wife: ‘I screw up, but I earn so much. They really believe I’m good.’ I really think so, he laughs at everyone.”

But alas, it seems as though Van der Vaart hasn’t gotten all the brutal takes and savage opinions out of his system yet because Chelsea striker Timo Werner is the next footballer in his crosshair.

Let’s face it, the German hasn’t been playing his best football since moving to Stamford Bridge last summer, finding the net just five times across his 29 Premier League appearances.


Van der Vaart rips into Werner

But Werner’s time in England hasn’t been without merit because his energetic presence and underrated creativity give us good reason to think that they could still thrive with the Blues.

Try telling that to Van der Vaart, though, because the ex-Netherlands international has taken aim at Werner by branding him a ‘blind horse’ in what can only be described as a character assassination.

Per Goal, having opined that he would start Hakim Ziyech in the Chelsea XI, Van der Vaart denied that it was Ajax bias by explaining to Ziggo Sport: “No, it’s because he’s the best option.


“He is always able to provide for the striker and Giroud needs guys like him. Mount plays in exactly the same way, so that’s why I would pick him too.

“Timo Werner is super fast, and maybe that is something good to have in an away game when Chelsea are under pressure, but all he does is put his head down and run, which leads to nothing.

“Mount is a terrific footballer, and I think he can get even better as he gains some power, but Werner is truly a blind horse. He already showed that’s what he’s like when he played in Germany – and he’s doing it again now.”


Wowsers, Rafa, what did Werner do to annoy you?

Bordering on cruel…

Don’t get me wrong, Werner deserves his fair of criticism for how wasteful he’s been in front of goal this season, but to call him a ‘blind horse’ of all things seems a little soundbitey for my liking.

Werner will just have to keep his fingers crossed that his Chelsea collaboration improves before the Blues’ former Tottenham rival starts dishing out the sort of savagery that Maguire receives.


Who knew Van der Vaart would go onto become the Roy Keane of Dutch television, huh?

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