Ronda Rousey on who she'd like to face if she makes WWE return

Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey is one of the biggest names in women's sports. When she signed with the WWE in 2018, following an excellent career in UFC, the prospect of potential matches she could have were exciting.

The Baddest Woman on The Planet is a one-time RAW Women's Champion and last competed in the squared circle at WrestleMania 35 when she lost the title to Becky Lynch in a winner-takes-all triple threat match.

It has been reported that a return to the company is in the works for Rousey. Her last run in the company was two-years ago.

Speaking on Table Talk, which is co-hosted by D-Von Dudley, Ronda mentioned some huge names she'd like to work with in the future. She said:

“Given the fact that we never worked together before and that we had a day and a half to put the whole thing together, I really think me and Charlotte had a lot of great chemistry

“One person that I’m capable of doing the most with is Nia [Jax] because she’s really really strong. I don’t have to worry about hurting her. I feel like I’ve had some great matches with her. My first singles was with her. We’ve also gone through that storyline already. We’ve done all that we could."

The Baddest Women on The Planet also mentioned the new RAW Women's Champion as a potential opponent.

Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair

"I really like having someone really strong that I can work with that I can use as a base but can also base off me. I would really love to work with Rhea Ripley," She said.

“Whenever I work with somebody, I think, what is it that I could do only with them and they can do only with me? I think of one thing that we can do that is entirely unique in our match that only we can do, which there’s a lot of things I can think of for me and Rhea."

If those names weren't enough, Rousey also didn't ignore WWE's Blue Brand, citing SmackDown Women's Champion Bianca Belair as someone she'd like to go toe-to-toe with as well.

Ronda Rousey and Nia Jax

"Bianca [Belair] too, honestly. They’re both really really strong chicks that I feel like I can lift as well. I think I have the most options with them, and I’m just so glad that there’s some new faces and blood coming into the division as well.”

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