Lionel Messi: How much does Barcelona star get paid?


Lionel Messi has the largest sports contract in history, according to a new study.

Created by Titlemax using data from Wikipedia, a graphic breaks down the biggest contracts in sport, revealing the contract total, the average per year and the average per game.

The list is dominated by American sports with American Football, basketball, basketball and baseball players inside the top 25.

Messi is the only footballer on the list and he stands head and shoulders above everyone in every aspect.

In terms of average per year, Messi gets paid $168,479,776. That doesn’t include his endorsement deals.

Second in the list, Damian Lillard gets an average of $49,000,000.

The 25 biggest contracts in history (average)

1. Lionel Messi – average per year ($168,479,776)
2. Damian Lillard – average per year ($49,000,000)
3. Giannis Antetokounmpo – average per year ($45,640,166)
4. Paul George – average per year ($44,066,367)
5. John Wall – average per year ($42,793,708)
6. Patrick Mahomes – average per year ($41,916,667)
7. Russell Westbrook – average per year ($41,358,814)
8. Kevin Durant – average per year ($41,063,925)
9. Rudy Gobert – average per year ($41,000,000)
10. Stephen Curry – average per year ($40,231,758)
11. Chris Paul – average per year ($39,932,648)
12. Desham Watson – average per year ($39,00,000)
13. LeBron James – average per year ($38,328,212)
14. James Harden – average per year ($38,000,000)
15. Klay Thompson – average per year ($37,980,720)
16. Gerrit Cole – average per year ($36,000,000)
17. Tobias Harris – average per year ($36,000,000)
18. Mike Trout – average per year ($35,541,667)
19. Khris Middleton – average per year ($35,500,000)
20. Ben Simmons – average per year ($35,448,672)
21. Jimmy Butler – average per year ($35,197,650)
22. Kemba Walker – average per year ($35,197,650)
23. Anthony Rendon – average per year ($35,000,000)
24. Stephen Strasburg – average per year ($35,000,000)
25. Russell Wilson – average per year ($35,000,000)


How much do they get paid per game?

But how much does each athlete get paid per game? Again, Messi comes out on top taking home an eye-watering $3,743,995 per game on average. Kansas City Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes comes second, followed by a number of NFL stars. Basketball’s Damien Lillard and Giannis Antetokounpo make up the top 10.


The top 10 biggest contracts of all time (total)

Well, over his four years, Messi will earn a crazy $673.9m. Again, Mahomes is in second place with a cool $503m contract during his 12 year deal at the Chiefs. Interestingly, the rest of the top 10 are made up of baseball players as they tend to sign slightly longer contracts than many other sports.

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Which city was Lionel Messi born and raised?

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