Halo Infinite: Latest News, Release Date, Gameplay, Trailer, PC, Xbox And Everything You Need To Know

Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite launches worldwide today for Xbox Series X/S and it promises to take the successful first-person shooter to the next level.

The next instalment of 343 Industries’ creation will continue the iconic storyline that was last left back with Fireteam Raven in 2018.

Back in July 2020, Xbox presented a showcase that featured Halo Infinite as their flagship new game. What we do know is that Master Chief will be returning to the latest title, the third chapter of the “Reclaimer Saga” with “his greatest adventure yet to save humanity.”

343 admitted their storytelling errors from Halo 5 and reassured fans that there would be a defined focus on Master Chief’s role, adding that it would be “much more human.” Whether the developers will maintain this promise, remains to be seen.

Here is everything you need to know about Halo Infinite:

Latest News

UPDATE 13th December: Here’s how to find every collectable on the Warship Gbraakon!

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Halo Infinite

UPDATE 25th November: New weapon variants have been leaked!

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Halo Infinite

UPDATE 22nd November: Here’s the full list of achievements for the game!

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Halo Infinite Achievements

UPDATE 25th October: 343 Industries has finally given the gaming community their first glimpse of the campaign.

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Halo Infinite

UPDATE 17th October: The competitive settings for Infinite have been released!

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UPDATE 12th October: Will Halo Infinite be on Xbox Game Pass?

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Xbox Game Pass

UPDATE 27th September: Social media continues to be ahead of the game as more details regarding 343 Industries’ legendary first-person shooter emerge.

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UPDATE 21st September: 343 Industries have started to send instructions to successful applicants – but not everyone has been so lucky.

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Halo Infinite

UPDATE 10th September: The developers of Halo Infinite have announced that an Open Beta is on the horizon for everyone to participate in.

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Halo Multiplayer

UPDATE 9th September: 343 Industries have moved quickly to address issues that gamers spotted during the recent technical playtest.

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Latest Patch Notes

All these patch notes have come from the official Halo site.


No existing Halo Infinite installation:
Installing Multiplayer only: approximately 26.53 GB
Installing both Multiplayer and Campaign: approximately 48.42 GB

If Halo Infinite’s Multiplayer Beta is already installed:
Multiplayer update only: approximately 3.97 GB
Campaign installation: additional download of approximately 25.86 GB
Total of both downloads: approximately 29.83 GB total

Resolved Issues

Local Area Network (LAN) multiplayer is now available. There is a known issue for LAN multiplayer:
Match settings changed in the Mode Editor still show as the defaults. The changed settings work as expected once the match begins.
Players with AMD Radeon RX 500 Series GPUs no longer experience crashes because Async Compute in Video Settings is turned on.
Players who have turned off Async Compute because of this can now turn it back on.
If Halo Infinite is launched without an internet connection, players can connect to the internet while on the main menu and play online.
This does not resolve all scenarios where the game is launched connected to the internet, later loses internet connection, and is stuck offline until the game is restarted.
When launching in windowed mode on Steam, the window shows correct borders.

Challenge and progression changes

On November 30, XP rewards for the first six Daily Challenges were increased.

First match rewards 300XP, the next 2 matches reward 200XP each, and the next 3 matches reward 100XP. After completing these first 6 Challenges, all match completions reward 50XP each.

Daily Challenges reset at 10am Pacific.

Known Campaign Issues

Working with the developers, we have compiled a list of known issues. A few of the highest impact issues are:

When you purchase Halo Infinite Campaign in-game, there may be a delay of several minutes while the purchase is processed before you can play.
When playing offline or entering Campaign via Quick Resume, MJOLNIR armory customizations collected in Campaign are not unlocked in the Multiplayer Customization menu.
Working on a retroactive fix for players who collected MJOLNIR armory customizations while offline.
Workaround: when using Quick Resume or after losing your internet connection while playing Halo Infinite, close and relaunch the game before collecting any MJOLNIR armory items.
Equipment upgrades cannot be purchased in the Upgrades menu while using the Linear Navigation accessibility feature.
Fast travelling while dead may cause an endless load screen.
Workaround: Close Halo Infinite and reload the save game on the main menu.
Very rarely, players may be unable to progress the current mission. See Halo Infinite Campaign Known Issues for more details.
Workaround: Restart the mission.

Balance Changes

When there is a balance change in future updates, Halo Support will include these in our release notes.

Release Date

Microsoft and 343 had been significantly pushing for a 2020 release date. But due to various technical issues, this was drastically pushed. They announced on 11th August 2020 that Halo Infinite had been significantly delayed and that it will not be ready until the autumn of 2021.

The game will be officially released on Wednesday 8th December 2021.

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There is a lot that loyal fans of the Halo franchise will be familiar with, the flourishing environments, vehicles and weapons just to name a few. This will reassure and familiarise those concerned who will aim to make a comparison with previous games gone by.

Some of the differences between old and new will be apparent. The addition of the ‘TacMap’ will bring an open world and free roam feel to the franchise and will illustrate how to explore different parts of the world. Not only that but it will also assist you in tackling certain missions and help you achieve your respective objectives – each with their own difficult rating.

343 revealed that the environment is “several times larger” than the previous two Halo games combined, which suggests that the install size will be significantly larger than anything Halo gamers have seen before.

New tools such as the grappling hook and the Drop Shield help you to personalise an all-new approach to the game, something we haven’t seen before and will help Halo Infinite stand out on its own plinth.


Here is the full trailer that was released during Xbox’s showcase last year.

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