Jose Mourinho responds to Paul Pogba slamming his man-management skills

Jose Mourinho, Spurs manager

It’s no secret that Paul Pogba and Jose Mourinho had a frosty relationship during their time at Manchester United.

Pogba would no doubt have enjoyed helping United beat Mourinho’s Tottenham last week.

The Frenchman was brilliant on the day and produced a superb assist for Mason Greenwood’s late goal.

Pogba then decided to slam Mourinho’s man management skills following the result.

The 28-year-old said in an explosive interview with Sky Sports: “What I have now with Ole is different, he wouldn’t go against the players. He wouldn’t go against the players.

Jose Mourinho

“Maybe Ole wouldn’t pick them, but it’s not like he puts them on the side like they don’t exist anymore. That’s the difference between Mourinho and Ole.

“Once I had a great relationship with Mourinho, everybody saw that, and the next day you don’t know what happened. That’s the strange thing I had with Mourinho and I cannot explain to you because even I don’t know. So, yeah.”

Mourinho was embroiled in a war-of-words with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer following the game last week.

Solskjaer said he wouldn’t feed his kids if they went down like Heung-min Son did, to which Mourinho was very upset about.

Jose Mourinho and Paul Pogba

Pogba couldn’t resist slamming Mourinho for his reaction to Solskjaer’s comments.

“We won the game, he lost the game and he doesn’t want to speak about the game, he wants to speak about the dad of someone, that’s what he does. Everybody knows him, it’s very Mourinho,” he added.

Mourinho’s Tottenham drew 2-2 with Everton on Friday evening and he was asked about Pogba’s comments.

“I would like to say I couldn’t care less with what he says. I am not interested at all,” he responded.

Fair play to Mourinho for not reacting and saying something that he would regret.

Tottenham’s draw against Everton means they could be eight points shy of the top four by the end of the weekend.

It’s now looking incredible unlikely that they will be in next season’s Champions League.

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