Samoa Joe: SmackDown promo that destroyed four top Superstars, including Randy Orton


Following his surprise release from WWE this week, it's worth reminding everyone just how good Samoa Joe can be. 

Joe, who joined WWE in 2015 after a decade of destruction in TNA, left the company this week having commentated at WrestleMania 37 just days prior. 

He hasn't competed in the ring in over a year due to injuries, mainly concussion issues, and has primarily been working at the commentary table since then. 

His departure has meant fans have been reminiscing over his time with WWE fondly, with one tweet showing he was just as effective on the mic as he was in the ring. 

Taken from his time on SmackDown, the clip shows Joe single-handedly destroying four Superstars with some sharp, harsh verbals.

Captioned 'A quick reminder of what Samoa Joe can achieve in a single f****** minute', Joe can be seen making his way to the ring to confront Randy Orton, Jeff Hardy, Mustafa Ali and AJ Styles, before unloading superb trash talk on a personal, one-by-one basis.

No one was immune and it began with Orton, as Joe stated: "When I de-fang 'The Viper', trust me ain't gonna come from nowhere."

Of course, this in relation to Orton's nickname and the fact that his attacks are usually sly and cunning; Joe's won't be. 

Next up is Jeff Hardy. When trying to interrupt, he is quickly silenced when Joe brings up his real-life alcohol addiction, responding: "Do me a favour, why don't you act like this is an AA meeting and you shut your mouth while I'm sharing with the group?"


Following them into the firing line is Ali, who had previously eliminated Joe from the Royal Rumble.  He claims Ali got lucky on that occasion before reminding him that he 'put his ass to sleep' just the week before. 


Finally, attention turns to Joe's long-time foe AJ Styles. He asks a simple, but rather provoking question about Styles' wife.

"How's our old girl Wendy doing?"

It stirred up rage inside Styles as he remembers the time Joe invaded his home while his wife Wendy was inside, as well as mentioning her in past encounters.

So there you have it. Four men at the top of their game taken down all within a minute. An outstanding promo which highlights just why Samoa Joe will be missed. 

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