Anthony Joshua vs Tyson Fury: Fight Night simulates superfight

Joshua vs Fury looks set to take place in Saudi Arabia in August.

Some incredible person on YouTube has simulated the much anticipated bout between the two juggernauts of British boxing Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury.

Using the game Fight Night Champion, the simulation, which has been uploaded under the account of 'Boxing Fight Simulations,' shows a very realistic prediction of what could happen when the two heavyweights meet.

The first three rounds went to Joshua, according to the judges’ scorecard, which, given the fight between Deontay Wilder and Fury, is of no great surprise. The Gypsy King takes his time to settle and is more than happy to have a few rounds to weigh up the situation.

Fury then starts to claw it back, winning round four. Then, the remarkable happened. Fury dropped Joshua to the canvas with 24 seconds left of the fifth round. Joshua did get up, but the round went 10-8 in Fury’s favour. This left it at 47-47 on the scorecard going into round six.

It was a tame start to the sixth round, but then Fury forced Joshua into the corner. A couple of wild missed punches from AJ allowed the Gypsy King to come in, dealing a heavy body blow before releasing a devastating left-hand uppercut, knocking Joshua out in the process.

What we learnt from this simulation is that Joshua will be the better fighter within the first part of the 12-round contest, but as time goes on, Fury will get stronger. It was surprising to see Fury not go down on the deck once as Joshua seemed to lack much power, which you would think is the least realistic part of the bout.

Given the fact that Fight Night Champion game is 10 years old this year, it has delivered a very realistic battle in terms of the result, but in terms of the footwork and the blows, expect a tamer bout at the start before heavy blows start to land after the first two rounds.

I am sure we are all excited for when the fight takes place in real life, so this is a nice appetiser to whet your whistle.

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The real fight is looking set to take place in Saudi Arabia in August, with the promoters making a big push to finalise all the details. Eddie Hearn has confirmed that both camps have agreed to an on-site deal.


While appearing on The Jonathan Ross Show, Anthony Joshua stated: "I've signed my side of the deal.

"We've sent him [Tyson] a good offer, one I'm sure he won't refuse. He wants the fight, no doubt about it, so do I and more than me and him, the whole public want it.

"I put my crystal ball out there and I say it's going to happen this year one hundred percent."

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