Pogba, Ronaldo, Ramos: The ultimate XI of players Mourinho has fallen out with

  • Kat Lucas

Jose Mourinho is in the midst of an all too familiar spiral at Tottenham – and this time it hasn’t even taken him three seasons. 

Spurs look set to miss out on Champions League football, but there seems to be trouble brewing off-field too. 

According to multiple reports, there are a number of players who are unhappy with his management – where have we heard this before? 

In fact, you don’t even need to cast your mind back to his famous feud with Paul Pogba at Manchester United, because the Frenchman was talking about it only yesterday. 

“What I have now with Ole is different, he wouldn’t go against the players. He wouldn’t go against the players,” Pogba told Sky Sports. 

“Maybe Ole wouldn’t pick them, but it’s not like he puts them on the side like they don’t exist anymore. That’s the difference between Mourinho and Ole.”

Mourinho hit back:

“I would like to say I couldn’t care less with what he says. I am not interested at all.”

Pogba, of course, finds himself in very good company in having fallen out with the current Spurs boss. In fact, we’ve constructed an entire XI of his enemies for good measure. 

GK – Iker Casillas

In 2012 at Real Madrid, Mourinho randomly dropped Casillas. While he insisted it was tactical, he continued to leave him out and then signed Diego Lopez. 


CB – David Luiz

In 2014, Luiz’s first spell at Chelsea came to an end. Mourinho rather needlessly said that they wouldn’t miss the Brazilian after he joined PSG. 

CB – Sergio Ramos

Ramos was reportedly upset with how Casillas had been treated. Real Madrid were forced to deny reports that the centre-back had approached Florentino Perez and said either Mourinho left, or he would. 

CB – Pepe

Pepe also seemed to side with Casillas and that led to Mourinho picking Raphael Varane ahead of him. 

RWB – Pedro Leon

An exciting talent when he first got to Madrid, but Mourinho only handed him six starts. When asked why he wasn’t picking him, he replied: “You talk of Pedro Leon as if he was Zidane, Maradona or Di Stefano,” the Portuguese said. “I don’t have to justify his absence.” He allegedly also told Leon that even if the team plane crashed without him on it and he was the only player available, he still wouldn’t pick him. 

MF – Paul Pogba

Now there are many at Manchester United who have questioned Pogba’s attitude, but Mourinho went way further, publicly calling him a “virus”.


MF – Juan Mata

Mata was frozen out at Chelsea, which made things pretty awkward when Mourinho later rocked up to join him at United. 

MF – Dele Alli 

Mourinho has never publicly explained his problem with Dele, who was one of Spurs’ most important players under Mauricio Pochettino. He doesn’t need to, though – just two Premier League starts all season have got the message across. The playmaker has also been left out of the squad altogether on several occasions and Mourinho told him he was “lazy” in the Amazon All or Nothing documentary. 


LWB – Luke Shaw

Mourinho refused to ever give Shaw any credit during a difficult period of his career. When he impressed against Everton, his manager claimed it was only because he was giving him instructions from the dugout. 

FW – Anthony Martial 

Mourinho called out Martial for leaving a tour of pre-season friendlies to attend the birth of his child, which the Portuguese pointed out “wasn’t his first”. United then fined the forward for not training for eight days. 

FW – Cristiano Ronaldo 

Ronaldo was almost reduced to tears when Mourinho launched an attack on him in front of other players, according to Luka Modric’s autobiography. It was also claimed Ronaldo wanted to punch him. 

Manager: Arsene Wenger

The ‘specialist in failure’ himself. 

Physio: Eva Carneiro

Carneiro left Chelsea after Mourinho went on a tirade at her for attending to an injured Eden Hazard in injury time. She sued the club for constructive dismissal and in the trial, there were accusations that Mourinho had used sexist language. 

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