European Super League: Gary Neville's rant about Premier League's top six

Gary Neville made his feelings about the European Super League very clear...

News of Premier League clubs planning a breakaway to form a European Super League has unsurprisingly not gone down well at all.

The reports surfaced on Sunday and it has resulted in widespread criticism from pundits, players and fans.

It seems absolutely no one, apart from those in charge of the clubs involved, wants the breakaway to happen and it’s easy to understand why that is.

The European Super League would be absolutely disastrous for modern European football and that’s something Gary Neville was eager to make clear after Manchester United’s 3-1 win over Burnley.

Speaking live on Sky Sports, the defender-turned-pundit went on an iconic rant about how the Premier League’s top six clubs are betraying their supporters.

This really is must-watch.


“Enough is enough,” Neville said during his rant. “There isn’t a football fan in this country that won’t be seething listening to these conversations and these announcements! This is disowning your own club stuff this!”

The United legend also added: “Liverpool are meant to be the peoples club. YNWA and all that. What LFC’s owners are doing, what United’s owners are doing – it is an absolute disgrace. You never even hear from these owners. They are bottle merchants.”

Well said, Gary.

“This was maybe 5-10 mins of the best football punditry I’ve seen,” Sky Sports presenter Joel Thomlinson tweeted. “Gary speaking for every football fan here.”

“Astonishing piece of television from @GNev2,” The Times’ Matt Lawton posted on the social media platform.

We can only hope that in the weeks to come, those eager to form a European Super League come to their senses and realise that the idea would do irreversible damage to the sport.

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