'The Fiend' Bray Wyatt's WrestleMania 37 entrance captured in fan footage


WrestleMania 37 gave WWE fans plenty of excitement, thrills and chills in what would be remembered for years to come.

Night Two in particular will be considered memorable due to the incredible entrance of ‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt.

Wyatt’s return had been teased for many weeks and it was eventually confirmed that he would do battle with Randy Orton once again, but this time, on The Grandest Stage of Them All.

Now, thanks to a YouTube video posted by Jesse G, we can see Wyatt’s entrance at ‘Mania through the eyes of the fans who were present. 

Not only that, but this fan happened to be front row!

Alexa Bliss light-heartedly skipped down the runway, before unwinding the giant ringside Jack in the Box where Wyatt slowly emerged in his demon mask.

The crowd cheered in excitement as The Viper looked bemused on the big screen.

Wyatt is known for his ability to appear in the ring from nowhere and then disappear in a cloud of smoke, and he did not disappoint with his entrance.

However, action in the ring was fairly short and all the hype and build-up was not justified.

Bliss, The Fiend’s disciple and right-hand women, also appeared from the same Jack in the Box a few moments after the match started, which distracted Wyatt.

This gave Orton the chance to recover and hit Wyatt with his deadly RKO finisher and make the pinfall.

As Orton quickly left the arena, The Fiend and Bliss engaged in an intense stare-down after she essentially cost him the match – leaving fans truly baffled.


Wyatt and Orton have been at the odds going back four to five years, but their rivalry renewed in October when The Fiend took aim at him during his WWE Championship dispute against Drew McIntyre.

During the latest chapter of their feud, The Viper actually burned Wyatt in their Inferno match, hitting him with the RKO before dousing him in gasoline.

That led to the lengthy absence for The Fiend and now that he has returned, the story looks like it is not done just yet.

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