European Super League: Man Utd and Juventus chiefs slammed as 'snakes' by UEFA boss

  • Kobe Tong

UEFA Alexander Ceferin has given a scathing assessment of the proposed European Super League.

The future of the Champions League has been cast in serious doubt after some of Europe's biggest clubs, including Manchester United and Juventus, remarkably backed the new initiative.

But UEFA were sure not to pull any punches in their response to the situation, floating the idea of the 12 founding clubs and players being expelled from domestic and international competitions.

UEFA react to European Super League

On a day where the new Champions League format was announced, the 'greed' of the new Super League was slammed in Ceferin's press conference as well as some of its key instigators.

However, of all the individuals in Ceferin's cross-hair few received more criticism than United and Juventus chiefs Agnelli and Woodward who were branded as 'snakes', according to Goal.

The astonishing monologue, which damningly revealed details of deceit and disappointment, painted a bleak picture of the communication between UEFA and Europe's biggest clubs.


Ceferin slams Woodward and Agnelli

Ceferin candidly remarked: "Look, for me, I have seen many things in my life. I was a criminal lawyer for 24 years so I have seen different people, but I have never ever seen people like that.

"If I start with Ed Woodward, because it will be shorter, I didn't have much contact with him but he called me last Thursday in the evening.

"He said he is very satisfied with the reforms, that he fully supports the reforms and that the only thing he would like to speak about is Financial Fair Play. Obviously, he had already signed something else.


"I don't want to speak much about Andrea Agnelli. He is probably one of the biggest disappointments or the biggest of all.

"I don't want to be too personal but the fact is that I have never seen a person that would lie so many times and persistently than he did. It was unbelievable.

"I spoke with him on Saturday afternoon and he said that these are only rumours, don't worry, nothing is going on, then he said I will call you in one hour and turned off his phone. The next day, we get the announcement.

"As I said, I have seen many things in my life but never this. Obviously, greed is so strong that all the human values evaporate. Everything is gone with some people.

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"We are different and we will stay different. You know, it is always good to learn in life who is who.

"All the world knows now that they unanimously supported our reforms on Friday, when they obviously had signed the agreement [with the Super League].

"All that are sitting there: Woodward, Agnelli, [Ivan] Gazidis and Pedro Lopes from Real Madrid. I don't have to explain more what I think about them.

"We might be naive in not knowing we have snakes close to us. Now we do. There will be legal action soon."


Damage beyond repair?

Wow. Wow. Wow. It's easy to see why Ceferin is so infuriated with the situation and it couldn't be any clearer that he's willing to punish the European Super League clubs with the utmost stringency.

And with everything from World Cup expulsions and fifth-tier relegations being touted, you really have to wonder whether bigwigs like Woodward and Agnelli have taken their clubs beyond the point of no return.

We'll have to wait until UEFA's lawyers reach a conclusion before drawing too many conclusions, but make no mistake that plenty of key individuals have severed their relationship with Ceferin here.

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