Liverpool's James Milner gave his honest thoughts on the European Super League


Liverpool are one of the founding clubs of the European Super League.

In a potentially sport-altering move, 12 of the continent's biggest clubs announced on Sunday that they would be looking to form a new and exclusive competition as soon as possible.

However, unsurprisingly, the announcement has been greeted with passionate protestations from every level of the beautiful game from pundits, players and most importantly, the fans.

Leeds United vs Liverpool

As a result, Liverpool's trip to Leeds United in the Premier League on Monday night seemed to take on a new kind of significance that made for a strange atmosphere at Elland Road.

Considering we don't really know what will even come of the top four places this season, many fans will have been forgiven for feeling as though the clash didn't really stand for anything.

But try telling that to Leeds because their desire to steal a point from the Premier League champions duly shone a light on one of the biggest problems about the European Super League.

The European Super League

From the moment that Diego Llorente cancelled out Sadio Mane's opener to settle the scores at 1-1, social media became flooded with people joking about Liverpool 'not even being able to beat Leeds'.

However, it didn't take a great result from Marcelo Bielsa's men to confirm to people that the new competition is a threat to the underdog stories and results that make the Premier League so special.

And the Liverpool players, who Jurgen Klopp confirmed played no role in the announcement, will be well aware of that themselves and James Milner wasn't afraid to speak his mind about it.


Milner gives his honest opinion

That's because the former Leeds midfielder lived up to his reputation of being a generally top bloke by speaking for countless Liverpool fans in taking a stand against the European Super League.

Speaking to Sky Sports, the Liverpool hero openly admitted: "I can only say my own opinion; I don't like it and I hope it doesn't happen, for the same reasons as everyone else."

You can check out Milner's full interview with the broadcasters down below:

Unsurprisingly, Milner's comments resonated with many fans at home, drawing praise across social media, so check out some of the positive responses here:

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It can't have been easy to raise your head above the parapet there, James, so fair play for voicing your honest thoughts even if the Liverpool chiefs clearly disagree.

European Super League concerns

It remains to be seen exactly how the European Super League will unfurl, but the information revealed hitherto makes it completely understandable that people like Milner would be concerned.

You also have to feel for him when he talks about the reception that Liverpool players were given when they arrived at Elland Road, bearing the brunt of many of the protestors' grievances.


And just as the potential of a European Super League has been taken out of the hands of the players, it has been taken out of the hands of the fans, drawing the two key sides closer together.

The Super League does have its supporters, that can't be denied, but one can't help feeling as though many players, like Milner, are singing from the same hymnsheet as the fans that adore them.

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