European Super League: One English club 'seriously considering' pulling out


The creation of the Super League looks set to change football forever.

The 12 founding clubs intended to set up a midweek competition that would rival the Champions League while they continue to play in their domestic leagues.

What they’ve caused is a tsunami of negative reaction towards them.

UEFA have threatened to sanction them heavily, banning any player or club involved from competing in any other competition.

Fans have turned their backs on their beloved clubs, while pundits have come out in force against the plans.

The Football Terrace explains the ESL

There has been silence from the clubs involved other than a blanket statement put out when the Super League was created.

But after seeing the outage over the last 24 hours, it seems one club, in particular, is already getting twitchy about their involvement.

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That’s because, according to the editor of POLITICO, Alex Wickham, one English club is ‘seriously considering’ pulling out of the plans.

He tweeted: “Hearing from a source with knowledge that one of the big six English clubs is now seriously considering pulling out of the Super League

"They are accusing Liverpool and Manchester United — the 2 clubs leading the breakaway — of lying to them and “f***ing up

"Major split in ESL.”



Earlier in the day, Gary Neville claimed that Manchester City were the club ‘most likely to crack’ and that ‘this isn’t for them.’


On Monday night, the Sky Sports pundit said: "Why will the Abu Dhabi people build a network of football? What they have done is unbelievable to the east of Manchester,' Neville said on Monday night. 

"They created a legacy around there, arguably for marketing purposes. Why are they doing this? They don't need money, they have got Pep [Guardiola], the most amazing manager. City must fold."


But can a club simply pull out of their agreement?

Well, according to Super League president Florentino Perez, no.

"The contract of the #SuperLeague is binding. Nobody can leave, we will work all together. All the clubs signed the contracts last Saturday, there's no problem"

It’ll be interesting to see how this one plays out…

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